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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To remove Navbar from Blogspot/Blogger's page

I have posted the steps to remove Navbar or Navigation bar from Blogger/Blogspot's page. When I asked many blogger about the bad aspect of Blog, then they told me that the peculiar existence of Navbar in one's page is the wrong points of Blogspot. Now, you can remove that Bar after following the steps suggested over here. Enjoy the post. I am sure that it's works 100%. If not then don't forget to comment me. I will suggest other steps for the solution of your problem.

Following are the required steps to carry out:
Step 1: First of all Sign In to your blog.
Step 2Goto Design seen on Dashboard

Step 3: Now Goto Edit HTML from the appeared window.

Step 4: Then Paste the given Highlighed text in the XML code of template.
             Remember! You must paste this text in the place as shown in the figure.

#navbar, #navbar-iframe {
height: 0px
visibility: hidden;
display: none;
            In Figure:-
If you don't have this view, then you can go to this editor by the following ways!

For new Blogger View :: You can go to the template editor as shown in figure !!

Firstly, click on "Template" on Left Hand Side and you will see "Edit HTML" 
On clicking on "Edit HTML" all steps are identical as mentioned above. 

It's only the trick and utilization of creativity. You can acquire more knowledge about this things if you are well known about HTML and XML programming. Leave this, How the steps are working? It is accurate or not working in your Blog. If so, then comment me with your query I will suggest you other suggestions that will surely come true.

Thank You! Keen in touch.

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