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Nepal is a small in geography but deep in nature and naturality. Nepalese, who are the natives of Nepal are diversified in term of caste, culture, language, creed and feeling but are unified on the ground of nationality and on the issue of national integrity.

From a long history, Nepal have been colonized by autocratic Monarchy. Now, the condition has been updated via active participation of aristocratic citizen through their revolutionary efforts for the established of Republic Democracy. Yes, Nepal is now not only NEPAL, but it is Fedral Democratic Republic of Nepal.Lots of political as well as social and infrastructural changes have been noticed.

For the all round development of those area which are rich in nature but poor in infrastructure, the concept of Tourism Year have been thought and brought in action. This concept will be partial in the absence of member of world community. Me as a nation devoteed citizen of Nepal would like to request all the people from all around to visit this beautiful country time and again.

Without beating about the bush, Nepal is really the good place of destination for the tourists to have deep study about the following topics.
  1. Historical facts
  2. Religious proofs
  3. Natural Scenes
  4. Wildlife and Vegetation
  5. Snowy Region and to Explore about Yeti (The Mysterious Creature)
  6. and many others
In astonishing contrast, many people from all around the world targeted to Nepal are stopped in border by the external forces. To solve this critical problem of Interest Visitor, Nepal Government is trying to add many direct Airlines to Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal) through Tribhuwan International Airport.

More and more information regarding Nepal can be seized from concerned authorities. Taking more and more information and quenching up your thirst about the curiosity of Nepal will be perfect for secure visit to Nepal. Be prepared and be legal while visiting this Land of Nature................. We are waiting for your arrival in this land........

Calling spade and spade, Welcome to Nepal, Let's make Nepal Tourism Year-2011 a success.

Hoping many and many visitors to visit Nepal. Thank You!


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