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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Series of Triumph and Despair : Nepali Politics

It's five years since the process of Constitution and Peace process commenced. Huge masses of people inaugurating second people's movement targeted lots of goals to achieve as they succeed to throw-out monarchy from Nepal. The most awaited election gave the result in favour of 25 political parties for two years but the mandate of citizen is nothing in this state. Law stands beyond the political understanding. Courts bow infront of executive. Thus, Nepal here is such a state ruled by law where law are directed by executive and politics. Guilty are given excuse though they are given penalty even by Supreme court. Anti-nationalists roams not only in the nation but in the cabinet of ministers who are kept exceptional thought they must be boycotted from such administrative organs. 

Despite the difficulties, Nepal proved itself as a country to target itself towards the constitution development process by dissolving old constitution. Peace process started under the supervision of UNMIN (UN's organs). Many steps like change in UNMIN's head, counting of combatants, etc gave a big hope in the eyes of citizen but they remained uncompleted. Appointment of national commission to supervise the combatants after the departure of UNMIN was a hopeful action but no marking tasks are traced till now except the agreement to do something in the very near future. Comprehensive Peace Agreement is such a agreement providing boundless hopes in Nepali but the series of unfulfilled agreements has underevaluated the norms and identity of agreement in politics. No citizen shows alertness nowadays for a agreement because they are made to sign and burn. 

Number of parties in CA increased, government increased, members in cabinet boosted with every consecutive government, agreement increased, tenure of CA increased with each deadline but they were only the series of Triumph and Despair. We don't know the rules behind the series but they are really familiar to Nepali politics. Like a game, leaders of Nepal sometime brings the ray of hope and sometime turns off all the brightness. 

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