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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Enable Nepali Fonts on Opera Mini :: 100% Working

Reading Devnagari(Nepali) scripts in mobile via Opera is still the problem for many mobile users. Especially for the mobile user of Nepal and India have to face the problem while reading their national scripts on internet where the problem is the square box which appear in place of Devnagari(Nepali) script. 

Here we have suggested the 100% working technique for enabling Nepali fonts (Devnagari scripts) in Opera Mini Mobile Browser. 

STEP 1 : Open Opera Mini Application. 

STEP 2 : Go to Address Bar and remove www., make address bar completely blank

STEP 3 : Type     about:config    and proceed ahead
              Now Power User Setting of Opera Mini is opened. 

STEP 4 : Go to the last of the page and Enable Bitmap Font for Complex Script

STEP 5 : Select Yes and Click on Save

Now, your opera mini will display any type of fonts. 

If you have any difficulties in the above setting, then feel free to contact us from any of the following ways !
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