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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hit the Iron When it is hot....

The proverb want to explore and explode the fact about Nepal Tourism Year-2011.



People from all around are warmly welcomed to Nepal on the special occassion of Nepal Tourism Year- 2011. As a succession of Visit Nepal - 1998, this is drastically improved version of Visit Nepal where anyone can find enormous entertainment and satisfaction regarding anything related to Nepal. The Doozy nature of Nepal can give extreme shock for those who does the rule of thumb about Nepal.

History is crysally clear about he brave citizen of Nepal. So, no need to get confused regarding the security of Nepal. Nepalese regard the guest as God, so Hospitality is the gift to anyone who visit this land of Heaven.

Variety is the Spice of Time:
And Nepal can be the best choice to extract maximum spice of life. This nation is the amalgation of everything postive that is an essence of successful life. An adventurer can find variety of adventurous tourism like Banji Jump, rafting, Gliding, etc as well as nature lover can find wide view of natural panoroma and natural diversities in this land of Heaven. Furthermore, researcher can choose this land to give continuity to their research regarding any subject of nature, society, history, culture and tradition.

So, let's make the holiday, the noticable holiday in long life.

Many more unexpressed about Nepal : So, visit it and explore yourself,,,, You can be the one who can discover something that is still undiscovered.....

Thanking You!

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