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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Terrorism and it's challenges : An article

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Terrorism and It's Challenges

Terrorism is the principle. A special type of principle followed by the group of people who want to revolt through the damage and destruction in the country or world. It is not defined by the own person bur declared by International Unions like United Nations.

In fact, a person does not follow the terrorism but his path is called terrorism after the judgment done by other third parties.

Terrorism and its challenges

Nowadays, terrorism is spreading in the world as sky-rocketing. An internationally renowned organization i.e. United Nations Organization has got special right to declare the group of people as Terrorists. Terrorists are totally devoted towards their aim and determination.

We must know that terrorism does not remain terrorism for all the time. We have lots of example to verify this statement. Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), Maoist who were declared as terrorist before fourteen years are not considered terrorists today. It means, terrorism is the principle that is against the running rule of country or world. If terrorism or the principles followed by it get world wide appreciation then the terrorist of today does not remain terrorist tomorrow.

Taliban, Alquada, etc are some umbrella organization that follows terrorism. They are doing lots of destructive activities against the running rule of country or world. For eg. Osama Bin Laden is a leader of Alquada or a terrorist who has planned and accomplished many bomb barding in world famous places like Twin Tower.

Today's world is facing lots of challenges from the terrorism. Since, it is against the world wide rule, the maintenance of constitutional uniformity is the main challenge brought by Terrorism. The effects of terrorism in the world are:
·         It stops the developmental activities in the affected geographical areas.
·         It brings social disorder.
·         It invites violence in the country and world., etc

Terrosim and its challenges
Beside this terrorism is against the regular economic growth of the country.
To encounter this challenges the policy of diplomacy, agreement and re-unite can be better then fight, war and revenge. Terrorists are also the social people who can be changed and adjusted in the society normally.

We can conclude terrorism as the most powerful anti-social principle whose challenge is centered for the continuous development of society.



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