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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Series of Triumph and Despair : Nepali Politics

It's five years since the process of Constitution and Peace process commenced. Huge masses of people inaugurating second people's movement targeted lots of goals to achieve as they succeed to throw-out monarchy from Nepal. The most awaited election gave the result in favour of 25 political parties for two years but the mandate of citizen is nothing in this state. Law stands beyond the political understanding. Courts bow infront of executive. Thus, Nepal here is such a state ruled by law where law are directed by executive and politics. Guilty are given excuse though they are given penalty even by Supreme court. Anti-nationalists roams not only in the nation but in the cabinet of ministers who are kept exceptional thought they must be boycotted from such administrative organs. 

Despite the difficulties, Nepal proved itself as a country to target itself towards the constitution development process by dissolving old constitution. Peace process started under the supervision of UNMIN (UN's organs). Many steps like change in UNMIN's head, counting of combatants, etc gave a big hope in the eyes of citizen but they remained uncompleted. Appointment of national commission to supervise the combatants after the departure of UNMIN was a hopeful action but no marking tasks are traced till now except the agreement to do something in the very near future. Comprehensive Peace Agreement is such a agreement providing boundless hopes in Nepali but the series of unfulfilled agreements has underevaluated the norms and identity of agreement in politics. No citizen shows alertness nowadays for a agreement because they are made to sign and burn. 

Number of parties in CA increased, government increased, members in cabinet boosted with every consecutive government, agreement increased, tenure of CA increased with each deadline but they were only the series of Triumph and Despair. We don't know the rules behind the series but they are really familiar to Nepali politics. Like a game, leaders of Nepal sometime brings the ray of hope and sometime turns off all the brightness. 

Really ! the undesired series in Nepal :: The series of Triumph and Despair :: 
Inviting Political Deadlock

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Player without Nation : Issue of Sharad Veswakar

‘I love scoring goals for England and playing for England. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t retire - I love playing for my country,’ said David Beckham once, despite knowing he would not feature in the future plan of English football team. Arguably, David Beckham is one of the most celebrated names, if you consider European football post 1990s.

Sports psychologists tell you: Pride of playing for the country does make sportsmen run that extra mile, push the barriers a bit further, and makes them feel responsible. Because, in the back of their head, they’re thinking about trying to uplift masses that back them.

But can we imagine a situation where a player plays without a country? Impossible you’d say? Then what is the case of Sharad Vesawkar, one of the mainstays of Nepali Cricket team?

Sharad Veswakar, who has represented Nepal right from Under-15 level to national cricket team, does not have a citizenship of Nepal. Something wrong there? Yours truly says - it’s completely insane. It’s as if he doesn’t exist, except in the record books, where his century for Nepal stands.

Nepal Citizenship Act 2006 says, “Any person born at the time when his father or mother is a citizen of Nepal, shall be a citizen of Nepal by descent.” Furthermore, it adds, “A child born to a Nepali female citizen from marriage with a foreign citizen in Nepal and having permanent domicile in Nepal may be granted naturalized citizenship as prescribed, provided the child has not acquired the citizenship of a foreign country on the basis of citizenship of his father.”

Yes, Veswakar has a Nepali mother and has been residing in the country as far as he can remember. Yet the boy in his mid-twenties is not our own, at least legally. Worse, this is the status WE have given him. We take a lot of pride in collecting hundreds of thousands of rupees to send SMS to India, just to help a Nepali-speaking person become an Indian Idol (It should be noted that yours truly has no malice against Prashant Tamang or his singing). Yet we act indifferent, when somebody takes pride in playing for us and treat him with disdain.

“President is the only person we’ve not spoken to, on this issue. From the rest we’ve already received assurances,” this is what Nepali captain Paras Khadka had to tell this scribe during a conversation some time ago. Just over two years ago, a delegation of cricketers had met Madhav Kumar Nepal, then Prime Minister, to return with a bagful of promises. Two prime ministers later, the issue is just there, while several thousand more - a number of them non-Nepalis - have become ‘proud’ citizens of this country.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many cricketers, who showed a lot of promise at early age, taking to a foreign land, to have a secure future. But this man hasn’t budged. Whether he could not go out or did not wish to - is not the question. The question is: Can’t somebody stand up and say - you’ve done us proud and deserve to be a citizen of this country? Not that giving him citizenship would hurt national coffers.

He told this scribe once, “Whenever the issue is raised, I feel as if it’s a joke. I try not to think about it and focus on my cricket.” But any sane man can understand focus becomes a tad more difficult when you have more serious issues in your head.

Perhaps, it is a joke. Some cruel joke, where he is a victim of his own stardom, for he can’t go and pay a few thousand rupees - just like many do - to become a Nepali citizen. Till he musters up courage to do that, perhaps he will remain a refugee in his own country. For we have a habit of forgetting things - taking it too easy - especially if the issues are related to sports, no matter how important.

But, yours truly wishes his status would change and change for good. No matter how faint, hope remains.

Source : The Kathmandu Post

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nationality fails in front of power ::

The topics seems quite analytic. This is the issue of current not the old one. The matter of talk and to take in action. So called honorable Minister Sharat Singh Bhandari sitting on the seat of Ministry of Defense has given the very controversial speech. His speech works against the integrity of Nepal. It irritates the Nationality and intimate relationship of Terai-Madhesh with Hill and Mountain.

In the face-to-face talk organized by reporters club, Nepal Sharad Singh Bhandari gave above speech (video) where is claims that 22 districts of Terai to separate out from Nepal for the formation of new country. He then illustrated this claims with lots of examples. Analyzing his deliveries none can claim that he is the nationalistic. But it is the bitter reality that this person is not only the simple citizen but the honorable defense minister who is supposed to act as the protector of nationality. His speech is the most shameful one which from any angle doesn't suits his political career in Nepali land.

The same person is the defense minister till now. Not a single step has been taken. Even the clarification hasn't been asked by the Primeminister. Though the most intellectual PM Dr. Bhattarai is in action, his strategy failed in front of the power of Madhesi Morcha to which Bhandari belongs to. The meetings of CA hasn't touched the scheldule only for this issue.

Being the member of authentic governmental body, Bhandari is supposed to protect the nationality but be failed to perform his task. He doesn't deserve to what he is granted. Strong voices asking his resignation is widely heard. In this condition, the quick reaction of PM Dr. Bhattarai will be the most determining one to build up his career.

Note : Nationality is the self-developed abstractness that is deserved to the only who respects.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What the politics we are on ? :: Nepal

The two biggest occasions (Dashain and Tihar), are one after another but the nation gets no triumph. No pleasure to the politics. Nepal is pacing ahead from last 5 yrs for the same goal but is still unsuccessful to grasp the one. Government of Nepal, has proved itself to be the source of earning for 601s. Probably, the poor country of rich citizens is none other than Nepal. 

Crores of budgets are granted by citizens to the country through taxes for the celebration but the nation is showing idleness in constructional works only for the economic difficulties. It is easy to exemplify the situation. Lots of illustrations can be taken. Tourism Year - 2011 was declared and is at the end but Nepal Airline Corporation which is supposed to imports more air-tourists is confined in one-airbus. Though the issue of buying new airbus is very old, every steps to import the aeroplane is full of corruption. This activities leads towards the spoken development but not the practical one. Fascinating speech of government has been the tradition that the government can neither leave nor implement. 

Dr. Bhattarai, who is really the brilliant personality in Nepali politics also stepped back from his speech. Thus, no one leaders proved themselves as a dutiful. All are the raddish of same field. In the sack of rotten potato, the existence of raw one is neglected so is the situation of Nepali politics. Among 601 there are obviously the good leaders but all the ray of hope are dismissed by the darkness. The majority is in favour of darkness. This is why the hopes of brightness aren't exposed. 

This is the result of party-based politics. And we are on the political deadlock. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

किस्ता किस्तामा बेचिदै गरेको रास्ट्रियता : एक बिस्लेसण

हो नेपाली राष्ट्रियताको बारेमा गरियको बिस्लेशण यो | लोकतन्त्र पछी का केहि वर्ष हरुमा यस्ता थुप्रै उदाहरणहरु सबैको सामु देखापरीसकेका छन् | एउटा देशको पहीचान भनेको त्यस संग सम्बन्धित सम्पतिनै हो |  नेपाल पनि यसबाट अलग छैन |  सबै देश्हरुले अफ्नो पहिचन लाई कायम गर्न त्यस देशसंग जोडिएका ऐतिहासिक र पुरातात्वीक महत्वका चीज हरुलाई संरक्षण गर्ने गर्छन आफ्नै देशमा |  तर नेपाल भने यो बाट अलग छ |  किनभने रास्ट्रियता किस्ता किस्ता मा बेचिने गर्छ |  कहिले राम्रो संदेश दीदै र कहिले शंका गर्न योग्य खालका |

दोस्रो जनआन्दोलन पछी राजतन्त्र हट्नु ले एउटा नीरंकुस पहिचान लाई मेटाउदै राम्रो सन्देशका साथ २४० वर्ष देखिको रास्त्रियातालाई सुद्धिकरण गर्ने प्रयास गरेको थियो |  आज सम्म आउदा लुकाएर राखियका थुप्रै तथ्यहरु खुलेका छन् |

त्यो तथ्य पुराना हतियार को बिक्रि मात्र होएन त्यस्तो सस्तो बजार हो |  रगत को नाता रहेका हतियारलाई केहि लाखमा बेचिदा नेपालको सस्तो रास्ट्रियता उदाङगियाको छ |  सबै धर्म लाई सम्मान गर्दै दक्षिण एशियाको एकमात्र हिन्दु आस्तित्व मेटाएर थुप्रै गैर हिन्दु बाट लोकप्रियता हासिल गर्न नै किन नहोस, नेपाली रास्ट्रीयता यसै गरि कहिले कहिँ राम्रो र कहिले लाजमर्दो संदेश दीदै बेचियको छ |  एकै पटक होएन पटक पटक बेचियको छ |

आझ रास्ट्रीय पोसाक दौरा सुरवाल हटेपछि राष्ट्रियतानै नान्गीयको छ | एउटा देश येस्तो पनि बनेको छ जसको पोसाक नै छैन | बिना रास्ट्रिय पोसाक अफ्नो आस्तित्व लाई जपिरहेको छ यो देश |

अब बाकी हामीसंग सगरमाथा छ, लुम्बिनी अनि गौतम बुद्ध , अरु थुप्रै छन् सायद बेचिने सुरसारमा | त्यो दिन चाही देख्न नपरोस |

धन्यवाद !

जय नेपाल !!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Complex way to perfection :: Development of Nepal

An Analysis :: Promote Native via Modification

As a developing nation and newly emerging Republic Nation of South Asia, Republic Nepal is facing lots of challenges to pace towards the development. Because, development is totally impossible beyond promotion of Native products in today's competitive market of the world. The world had reached to the optimum policy of market paving the way of online marketing. This concept is totally new-one to almost all the businessman of Nepali trade/business. In this type of illiteracy, to overcome the world market is a hard nut to crack. 

A person prefers cheap pastic-made chair rather than hand-made tool made of bamboos in Nepali houses.  City people uses electric mixture to grind the edible substance, this has under-estimated the importance of Nepali Silauto, jato, dhiki, etc. And it is the fact that the modern man doesn't prefer old things which was our own products. So, those things must be manufactured commercially by the industries at local or regional level. More easy-to-use product modified from the old native products must be brought in action to replace the increasing trend of foreign cheap market.

Straw mat (Gundri)  is good for health but produces dusts while folding and unfolding. It creates difficulties in handling those mats. So, nowadays a person are lured towards plastic mats which are non-dusty and easy to fold and unfold. Similarly, bamboo-made Nepali boards are totally replaced by foreign plastic one. This is the magic of price. No educated Nepali consumers thinks about the native products, they only thinks about the price and selects only that is cheap and discard the expensive one, which is indirectly ruining the Native market. It is leading the the competition of national market towards negative direction.

To replace this trend, Nepal government must bring strong strategy for the promotion of Nepali cottage industries in action which in result can provide the products in competitive rate of market. This policy is economic at first but is beneficial as there is the utilization of own products. This makes the nation more independent and reduces the imports of fundamentally produced produces which is positive indicator of national economy. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Earthquake in Nepal !!

Centered in the bordered of Nepal and Sikkim, Earthquake of power 6.8 Richter Scale was felt today at 6:27 pm (NST).

Origin : 10 km below the ground from Nepal-Sikkim border.

Affected area : Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh

Deaths !!
9 in Nepal
89 in India

26 buildings collapsed in Kathmandu
100+ houses collapsed in aggregate in Nepal
100+ houses collapsed in Sikkim and its territories

Effects in Nepal:
Though the official data hasn't been provided by the authority, but the information are collected from the dwellers of affected areas.

Walls of British Embassy in Nepal (ktm) collapsed. One Motor Cycle and a car was along some person under the collapsed wall. Rescue operation is going on.

7 people injured in Solukhumbu while they were running out.

4 people injured in Lainchar (Kathmandu). 3 people died, 1 was rescued alive.

Ranigunj Palace of Parsa :: Affected by Earthquake

12 houses collapsed in Taplegunj

House of Arjun Adhikari of Syanjha, Dhahathuri VDC collapsed with no Human loss.

16 houses collapsed in Sankhuwasabha

Information are being updated .......... Stay with us

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pictures Inviting to Nepal :: Visit Nepal

Pride of World ::: Ever Independent :: Ever Glorious :: Ever natural :: Ever memorable ::

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nepal is a country !!! A Survey

We have posted this --
-> because we found many person who don't know there is Nepal in the world?
-> to disclose about Mt. Everest and Lord Buddha
-> to tell something about Nepal


This time no news-listeners feels strange to hear the name of Libya i.e. he is confirmed that there is the country named Libya in the world. And it is also not necessary to tell about the existence of USA, UK, China, etc in the world geography. They are the country of the world. 

But there are many person who don't know about Nepal? Yes, according to the survey carried out by Mikasha's Station on Facebook Chat there were many people from South Africa, Kenya, Chile, etc who are unknown about the country Nepal. We felt very nervous to hear that Nepal lies in India/China. We felt sad to hear their GK that Lord Buddha was born in India and Mt. Everest lies in China. Analyzing this replies, no person can trace there is an existence of Nepal. 

Mt. Everest, Lord Buddha are the Identities of Nepal (Republic Nepal). They are the own properties of country Nepal. And there lies the Independent Nepal in between India and China. It's a small geography in the world altas who has remained sovereign since it's existence. The so called powerful British India who ruled over India also surrendered in front of Great Gurkhas (Nepali). Nepal is filled up with the blood of victory, blood of enthusiasm, sovereignty and independence. It has proved itself as the powerful nation from then to now. 

Administrative Map of Nepal
Yes, the same country, Nepal has proclaimed 2011 as Tourism Year but still we found many people who are unkown about this. We are feeling sad to know this but very glad to address this in widely circulated post of Mikasha's Station. 

The problem with this nation is that it comprises only one international airport and most of the airways are linked with Indian airports. So, Nepal is loosing many incomes from abroad. Many unfavourable results have been listened that the visitors to Nepal have returned from border since they are new to Nepal and don't know its geography. 

Thank You!

Most Hoped PM on action !! Dr. Bhattarai

@Oath Ceremony Sushil Koirala and Bhattrai
As the fourth communist prime minister, Republic Nepal got Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. His election as the head of executive has brought lots of hope in the face of Nepali and Non-Nepalis as he is most hoped and liked political personality of the era. His successful Finance ministry during first government of Republic Nepal was most appreciated since he was successful on bringing economic revolution in the nation. 

Nepali Vehicle That Dr. Bhattarai Rides
The same person is now Prime minister of Nepal. The most authentic governing person of the nation. He has already provided the symptoms of better tomorrow with his acts of eliminating corruption, addressing Nepali products, activating the role in national consensus, talk with party in opposition, etc. As proclaimed few days earlier, re-grouping of Maoist Combatant will start soon. 

No need to explain a lot about the pioneer personality, who never became Second in his life. First in academic field, and now the First of executive organ. The only, he couldn't do is to spread influence in party by virtue of his introvert nature. Engineer of real life can engineer the country or not? This question has arose today. His evaluation will be done by time ahead. Upcoming time are most valued one for his political career. He will be able of keep his popularity if only he is able to complete peace process and draft constitution in normal environment by bringing parties in consensus. 

Thus Dr. Bhattarai is at the peak time where he will be evaluated for his popularity by his tasks from the seat of prime minister. Nepali people have given everything, the hope, support, vote and help to Dr. Bhattarai. Now let's see what will Dr. Bhattarai give in return. 

Hope to see bright career of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. May the dream of New Nepal comes true along with drafting of Constitution and completion of peace process. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Then to Now :: Periodic Government of Nepal

The political condition of  Nepal is worsening and tending to the worst condition of any political system. Many drawbacks of Political system of Nepal can be easily traced from then to now. A big hope of New Nepal was put forward to Nepalese Citizen. With ambitious dreams, 25 political parties formally joined Constitutional Assembly and have divided mysteriously and now there are 30 political parties. Nepali citizen have send 25 political parties in CA but addition of 5 more parties is creating doubts over the acts of leaders. They are underestimating the mandate of Citizen and going on the path other than the determined one. 

For a constitution to be drafted 3 government formed and dissolved. But till now a single draft hasn't been shown to the people. This symbolizes the game of formation and disintegration of Government on the periodic basis. The tenure of a government completes with the new agreement between top 3 political parties. Then a new government forms of same background but the beginning of formation is not beyond the ambitious deliveries to the citizens. At the beginning of formation of every government, there hasn't been a time that advocated for majority government. All parties put forward their strategy to form national consensus government but with condition of one to another. This is not the system, it is unsystematic one. Only the hope that is ambitious in the beginning but fruitless at the end. 

No matter, whose government comes on appearance, it will end with new agreement at deadline of Constitutional Assembly. A new deadline is marked and new government comes and stays upto the newly marked deadline. This game has been an interesting one but has been economically heavy for Nation. 

Thus, the political properties of Nepal is the periodic function of the Government Formation. isn't it?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lost Path ::: Nepal

Constitutional Assembly of Nepal
We are 5 yrs forward from the historical election of constitutional assembly. Two years from the election of CA, was the deadline to publish the new constitution. It implies the CA was given tenure of 2 yrs for its functioning. Though it has functioned a lot, but all the functions are out of the destination. The functions must go towards the formation of constitution and completion of peace process along with management of Maoist Combatants but progress can't be traced besides the speech and commitment of political leaders. This is the period to lure the professionals towards the politics eliminating the concept of Dirtiness in political ground. 

Since three years we are aimless and out of target. We are moving with aim that we have lost already. We are going out of our specifications. We were specified to complete the peace process and Constitution making within 2 yrs, the added 1 yrs,,,,,,..... but all the additions were gone in vain. Thus we have lost the trend of peace process and constitution development from the beginning of additional time and gained the system of New Government. So, we are now addicted to build new government regardless the tenure of a normally functioning government. 

Fruitless, commitment of National consensus repeats with the beginning of every new government, shows a bit ray of light and disappears with the formation of new Majority Government. And it is our system, our path with is totally different from the originally determined one. 

So, the path of constitution construction and peace process completion begun at the beginning of CA was left and must be adopted right now so that the upcoming time will bring positive tides in Nepalese people, their face and their livelihood. 

Hope For Bright Tomorrow !!! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nepal will face Australia, England and Ireland in WCC

Nepal will join the defending champion and host Australia along with 1998 winner England in the Group A of ICC World Cup 2012 to be held in Queensland, Australia.
Scotland, Nepal, Ireland, Afghanistan, PNG and Namibia will join the Full Members at the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2012 in Australia are now known following the completion of the qualifying tournament in Ireland. And the team groupings for the 15-day celebration of youth cricket have now also been finalized.
The event will get underway in Queensland exactly one year from today and Scotland will be there as the leading Associate after winning eight of its nine matches during the qualifiers, which took place in Dublin and Derry.
Group B is made up of the last event’s runner-up and two-time winner Pakistan, New Zealand, Scotland and Afghanistan while 2000 and 2008 champion India has been drawn in Group C along with West Indies, Zimbabwe and PNG. Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh and Namibia make up Group D.
ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat  said: “The ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup is a very important tournament for us and I want to congratulate those six teams who have qualified to take part in Queensland next year.”
“This tournament has proved to be an important stepping stone for elite young cricketers aspiring to play international cricket. It’s an opportunity for them to develop and test their skills in a high-pressure situation against the world’s best at this level,” he added.

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
AustraliaPakistanIndiaSri Lanka
EnglandNew ZealandWest IndiesSouth Africa

Best of Luck to all the Gurkhalies, You must make the victory the reality :::

Friday, August 12, 2011

Asking for Reason :: Nepali against Indian

This post in prior informs to all the readers that it is not for worsening the condition but to disclose the secret that is happening. No part of the post acclaims that all Nepali are against India but there are some, who are moving with cause.

The Cause :: Nepal Vs India
India, a newly emerging economic nation of the world, bordered with Nepal is providing lots of basic requirements to the People of Nepal regardless the economic way they are brought. They are helping the government too in all the possible ways which doesn't seems to be transparent. They have hosted the 12-points comprehensive peace agreement which has brought great revolution in Nepali Political scenario.  No-VISA requirement policy of India is aiding many Nepali youth for their profession abroad to meet the day to day life essentials. 

But, the what the Nepali doesn't prefer Indian is their history. Most of the Nepali fans against India are proclaiming that the lands of Nepal encroached by British, belongs to Nepal not to India. Furthermore, the frequently heard news of border encroachment from Indian to Nepal has frustrated the condition.

The news is not old and also not factual i.e. Lord Buddha was born in India. This statement can be a joke but not a good one. No Nepali enjoys this Joke because Buddha was Born in Nepal and only in Nepal. To prove the fiction and to hide the reality, Indians have attempted to build artificial Lumbini inside India near the border. This surely hampers the Tourism and tries to hide the reality. The world knows but Indian Ignores.

Consequently, the understanding between the neighbors is disturbed by many other heard and unheard facts. Thousands of Nepali supporters are bind together in social networking sites against Indian activities bothering Nepal's Sovereignty. Among those campaign is the FACEBOOK GROUP CAMPAIGN (We will get 10,000,000 before Indian get 9,999,999).** Here 50,000+ people expresses thousands of comments and likes normally against India. This scenario seen in reputed networking site can worsen the international relationship. 

So, there must be a table-talk between both nations regarding the cause i.e. the matter of History (claiming of ex-British land encroached from Nepal), Lumbini, Border encroachment, etc must go to the effective conclusion satisfying the both parties. Agreement surely comprises the loss of one and gain of other. And, in the issue of International Nationality, the innocent party must be benefited and guilty one must return back to normal condition. 

Before the condition worsen, and be a big deal in international court, both nation must bring effective conclusion in action. 

Remember ! One's act mustn't disturb another and the neighbor are those who are closer in critical  condition. 

Thank You!

** The words used which seem unfamiliar have been edited ::

The Nationality developed in Sports :: From Nepal

No person is an exception to this topic. A person who doesn't know Cricket, shows interest at the match if his/her country plays. Same in a person who doesn't know Football loves his/her nation playing in international level of Football Tournament. And this is The Sports Nationality. 

Mikasha's Station strongly places in post by seeing the interest of thousands of Nepali supporters clattering in social networking sites with thousands of comments and likes. There was no media to broadcast the live score except ESPN which was malfunctioning in many of the matches. At such critical condition, Nepali supporters broke the stone and searched different places and found NRN-Ireland which regularly went providing the most quick update, quicker than any other so called ESPN. Mikasha's Station too in collaboration with NRN-Ireland has broadcasted the live score event as a result of which we are much more impressed. We were impressed by the love of Nepali supporters towards their team despite their economic and technical difficulties. 

Nepal Government is thousands step behind the Nepalese. No Nepali media came ahead to broadcast the event. In this globalized world it would be easier to telecast the event via Communication Satellite but it was discarded by all the medias. Nepal Television (NTV) holding the paid authority to telecast the event was also found very late on updating the event. Mikasha's Station on Facebook as Score Breaker and on Twitter as @Mikasha judged the devotion of Nepali towards their Sports Team. 

The supporters were neither supporting the Cricket nor the Football but their National Team. A Nepali being frustrated with Football event was found cheering and exposing the pain of defeat which was supposed to heal with the result of Cricket. They were found wishing the treatment of Defeat in Football by the Victory in Cricket. 

This is the good sign to bright Sports Future. Is the unity of Nepali in International Event for other's defeat against them. It can certainly stood as a news in near future which will surely poke the Government of Nepal to do something for Sports, to build the infrastructure and develop new profession. 

Thank you!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nepal Qualifies for ICC U-19 World Cup @ Australia - 2012

On a day when rains affected all but one game, plenty of action was witnessed as the jostling for the final six spots to qualify for the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup to be held next year in Australia heated up.
Hosts Ireland featured in another last over finish, this time against Nepal at the Bready Cricket Club. Nepal batted first and was restricted to 187 for seven in 46 overs as rains forced reduction in the number of overs. Ireland skipper George Dockrell picked up 3-15 even as Sagar Pun made 50 off 100 balls with three boundaries and a six.
Boundary :: 4 (Nepal)
In the chase, the home team lost early wickets, but Dockrell (55: 86b, 3×4) and Adam Coughlan (48:86b, 1×4) added 107 runs for the fifth wicket.
Once the partnership was broken, the chase fell apart. Nepal’s left-arm spinner Rahul Vishvakarma picked up four wickets in the final over to bowl out Ireland for 175 and earned his side a 10-run win.
Dockrell’s all-round effort earned him the Man of the Match award, but the skipper was a disappointed man: “We bowled well to restrict them, but they got a few runs towards the end which helped them a lot. The match was in the balance and we seemed to be getting close. But we lost wickets towards the end. We still have two more games to end the tournament well.”

Full Scorecard:
Nepal 187 (46 overs maximum)RB4s6sSR
SP Khakurelc †Hodgins b Getkate571071.42
Sagar Punc Getkate b Dockrell501003150.00
NB Budayairc McCarter b Getkate02000.00
P Baskota*b Dockrell18352051.42
R Pulami Magarc †Hodgins b Coughlan8330124.24
P Airee†c †Hodgins b Coughlan9182050.00
K Karkic McCarter b Dockrell35601058.33
RK Vishvakarmanot out381932200.00
RK Shrivastavavnot out3300100.00
Extras(lb 3, w 17, nb 1)21
Total(7 wickets; 46 overs)187(4.06 runs per over)

Fall of wickets: 1-5 (Khakurel, 1.1 ov), 2-5 (Budayair, 1.3 ov), 2-34* (Baskota, retired not out, 9.4 ov), 3-57 (Pulami Magar, 19.3 ov), 4-75 (Airee, 23.5 ov), 5-134 (Sagar Pun, 40.2 ov), 6-146 (K Karki, 42.1 ov), 7-162 (Baskota, 44.2 ov)
Ireland (target: 186 runs from 46 overs)RB4s6sSR
ARM Berryb Karn08000.00
JB van der Merwest †Airee b Baskota29515056.86
AR McBrinec †Airee b B Karki10320031.25
GR Adairb B Karki02000.00
GH Dockrell*c †Airee b Karn55863063.95
ASA Coughlanrun out48861055.81
SC Getkatec Baskota b Vishvakarma460066.66
GJ McCarterc Shrivastavav b Vishvakarma4400100.00
BJ McCarthyst †Airee b Vishvakarma01000.00
S Campbellc Budayair b Vishvakarma2200100.00
NDS Hodgins†not out0000-
Extras(lb 11, nb 12)23
Total(all out; 46 overs)175(3.80 runs per over)
Fall of wickets: 1-6 (Berry, 2.3 ov), 2-47 (McBrine, 13.4 ov), 3-47 (Adair, 13.6 ov), 4-54 (van der Merwe, 16.2 ov), 5-161 (Coughlan, 42.5 ov), 6-167 (Dockrell, 44.2 ov), 7-172 (McCarter, 45.1 ov), 8-173 (McCarthy, 45.3 ov), 9-175 (Campbell, 45.5 ov), 10-175 (Getkate, 45.6 ov)
A Karn722523.57(3w)
K Karki502104.20(1w)
B Karki912823.11(2w)
P Baskota1003613.60(2w)
RK Vishvakarma902843.11(1w)
Sagar Pun502204.40(1w)
RK Shrivastavav10404.00(1w)

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