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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nepal in World Cup Qualifiers 2014 - Gateway to ICC World Cup 2015

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World Cup Qualifers 2014 to be staged in New Zealand will be the final qualification tournament for World Cup 2015. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will comprise 14 nations. 10 Full member nation will compete with 4 associate/affiliate members qualified from global qualifiers.

Full Members are :
1. Australia
2. Pakistan
3. Bangladesh
4. New Zealand
5. South Africa
6. West Indies
7. Zimbabwe
8. Sri Lanka
9. England
10. India

Participating Teams for Word Cup 2015

TWO teams are decided from 2011-13 World Cricket League Champoinship(2011-13 ICC Intercontinental Cup One Day). Total of 8 nations with compete in this tournament to grab top 2 position while the last 6 teams will meet other 4 nations in World Cup Qualifiers 2014.

Other TWO teams are decided from World Cup Qualifers 2014, that is scheduled to be staged on New Zealand. It includes last 6 nations of World Cricket League Championship and 4 nations of Division 2. After recently completed WCL Div 3 - Bermuda, Nepal and Uganda are promoted to Division 2, thus selected for World Cup Qualifiers 2014. Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea(PNG) have maintained their status in Division Two. So, 4 teams of Division 2 are Nepal, Uganda, Hong Kong and PNG. 

Outcome of World Cup Qualifier 2014
World Cup Qualifier 2014 acts as the Gateway for 10 nations to ensure their participation in the biggest event of ICC. Among 10 nations only TOP 2 will get ticket to participate in World Cup while rest TOP 4 will be promoted to Division 1 and granted ODI status. Other 4 teams will be shifted to Division 2.

The ODI status granted to TOP 4 (Other than TOP 2) will be temporary. It will be valid for 4 years. During this time period the nation will be involving in matches with full membered ICC countries. So, World Cup Qualifers 2014 is the most important event for the country who are eager to get ODI status.

After the dramatic performance in last 3 matches of World Cricket League Division 3 - Bermuda, Nepal clinched the title of Division 3 by beating Uganda in the Final. Thus Nepal is promoted to Division 2 and selected for World Cup Qualifiers 2014.

Nepal, which is infact the powerhouse of spinners will be making strategies to recruit some pacers in the squad as the pitch of New Zealand prefers Pacers. Competing with emerging teams for the biggest prize of International Cricket, is not a small task. Nepali players are filled with the series of victories in recent tournament which is really acting as confidence riser to the players. Further, the concerned body of Cricket must think as fast as possible about the recruitment of pacers.

The Land of Buddha, also renowned as the Land of Third Pole(Mt. Everest) is thirsty of achieving acme height in International Cricket. As it is the matter of pride for crores of citizens, the government must act wisely for the outdoor practice matches exposing with more powerful teams.

Lastly, All the Best for Nepali Squad !!!

We will deliver you the important events of Nepali Cricket Scenario. Stay Close !!
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Nepal in ICC T20 Qualifiers 2013 - Gateway to T20 World Cup

For the first time, ICC World Twenty20 will have 16 participating teams. The tournament is scheduled to organize from 16th March to 6th April in Bangladesh. 10 full members are directly qualified for the tournament while 6 are qualified through ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2013.
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After being finalist on ACC T20 Cup Nepal 2013, Nepal have also grabed the position on global qualifier of Twenty20 World Cup 2013. ICC T20 Qualifier will be played in October 2013 in United Arab Emirates(UAE). The Qualifier will include 16 teams, among which TOP 6 will play World T20 in Bangladesh. 6 teams are included from the previous edition of T20 Qualifers while other 10 are included by the regional tournaments. 

Participating Teams of ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2013 :
1. Nepal
2. Afghanistan
3. HongKong
4. Uganda
5. Kenya
6. Bermuda
7. United States
8. PNG
9. Namibia
10. Canada
11. Netherlands
12. Scotland
13. Ireland
14. UAE
15. [Not Decided]
16. [Not Decided]

Two teams which are yet to be decided will be decided from Europe Division 1. 

Nepal performing well is most of the international events is the tournament farvorites. Last time, Nepal finished the T20 Qualifers in 7th position. That time only top 2 nations were allowed to play T20 World Cup. But this time, the number of participating teams is increased to 16. So TOP 6 teams will qualify for World Twenty20. Nepal had good results with most of the participating teams viz. Afghanistan, Bermuda, UAE, United States, HongKong, etc on recently held global tournament. So, BIG hope is with the emerging team of South Asia i.e. NEPAL. 

All the Best to Nepali Squad !!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nepal Reserved A Place in World Cup Qualifers 2014 !

ICC World Cup Qualifers 2014 is the final qualification tournament for Cricket World Cup 2015. It comprises 10 teams selected from different global matches. New Zealand will host this event. Further it is the final event of 2009-2014 World Cricket League games. 

FOUR teams of Division Two will compete with SIX teams who failed to select for World Cup from Intercontinental Cup 2013. Inter Continental Cup 2013 comprises 8 teams among which top two progresses for World Cup 2015 and remaining SIX will go for ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2014. 

Nepali Bowlers Appeal against Italy - | Credit : ICC | 
After a stunning results of last league match of Division Three, Nepal succeeded to progress to Division TWO, thus reserved a place in World Cup Qualifiers 2014. Nepal, the pre-tournament favourites was once in the danger of relegation when first two important matches were not in favour of Nepal. The last league match made Nepal to grab third success which highly improved net run rate. Bermuda's victory against USA not only saved themselves from being relegated but helped Nepal to over take USA in run rates. The attacking and ballistic performance of Nepal paved their way to World Cup Qualifiers as the Run Rate of USA was not as good as Nepal. 

The Final Points Table of the tournament is :
Top Two Progressed for World Cup Qualifers and Division 2

Reserving a place in World Cup Qualifers is the success of Nepali team. Their dream to participate in World Cup 2015 is just a step behind. The only thing they have to do is to bring Nepal on Top 2 of World Cup Qualifiers.

Hope Nepal will grab the title of Division Three on which they will fight against Uganda on Hamilton Cricket Ground, Uganda (5th May 2013). 

Exposure of Nepali Team with strong teams is a must so that they can realize their cons. Best of Luck to Nepal Cricket Team. May their Dream for playing World Cup 2015 get transformed in Reality !

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