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Friday, May 27, 2011

The past will be teasing the present..

The history is still fresh in the mind of thousands of Nepali and Non-Nepali all round the world that Nepal is in the process of constitution build up along with the completion of peace process. The long run process of peace which was inaugurated from Delhi Comprehensive Peace Agreement is still same as it was in the beginning. Two heads of UNMIN changed but the layout of PLA in camps not changed yet neither the change in felling took place. Now, UNMIN has already returned its home, granting its right to the Nepal Government. 

At the eleventh Hour
The completion of election of Constitutional Assembly was so fruitful but today it has no sweet, smell and nothing except a valueless incident in the history. This type of concept has been built in the mind of many Nepali and abroad dweller.  Beginning of the time after the successful completion of election was much ambitious that we the Nepalese agreed to increase the time period of CA, by one year by compromising all the mistakes of the leaders thinking that they were on biggest campaign ever. 

But today regular protest in many parts of country is going on striking the declining economy of the nation. The activities going on are not in favour of peace, security neither in the favour of tourism that is currently running as Nepal Tourism Year - 2011. The concerned authority should be responsible for all the mishappenings. 

Nothing more to express, because everything going on are worse and even worse than before. No significant achievements are garbed though the heads of major parties involve in meet in STAR hotels. Such happening is creating pessimistic attitude in the citizens. The future has been made even dark and dreadful by all the consequences seen. 

The need of time is the international pressure to the Government of Nepal. Constitutional Assembly is our achievement and it must go on as our wish. It must reach the target and the person obstructing its fluency should be punished. Let's gather to the campaign of pressurizing the government for not dissolving the Constitutional Assembly but for seizing our aim. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

At the eleventh hour...

It's not the only post claiming for striking the strike. Thousands of posts has been published against the strike of Nepal. Neither the protesting group nor the government is giving its attention towards the solution of the problem. 

The Most Awaited Eleventh Hour Decision:
Constitutional Assembly of Nepal
But this post is not only claiming of the strike of strike but for something most critical issue of the time. Currently it is very hard nut to crack for the government to be directed to multi-direction. Government of Nepal is at the eleventh hour and focusing more on constitution not for making but for increasing the period of time of CA. Shameless political leaders must hide their head onwards because they neither succeeded to make NEW NEPAL defined by NEW CONSTITUTION nor they succeeded to stop illegal activities going against the descending economic status of the country.

An unknown cause is working carefully behind, that is urging the leaders of Nepal to remain idle until there is time and to be active at the eleventh hour. As a consequence we are still deprived to step a step in Peace Process. Though the words of political leaders are filled with optimistic feeling, no such symptoms have been traced out so that a citizen can be made believed about the future happenings. 

It is also not the fact that the public pressure is insufficient because lots of public and private organizations including students, journalists, embassy, etc are launching several programs in both national and international arena from long run. Thus, we failed to built the new constitution is the given time period. 

There is a solution of either organizing fresh election or increasing the time length. The result after the increment of time period if the mission is not accomplished again will be dreadful enough. So the most awaited decision is not far from the day. The 14th of Jestha (28th of May) will decide the upcoming days of Nepal. 

Until the deadline, it is the mysterious part of Nepali politics. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strike the Strike

The most awaited solution, is nothing than striking the strike that is ongoing process of Nepal. Though we are launching several international campaign, Strike goes on continuously whether it is positive or negative for country's future. This is the main drawbacks of Nepalese society. This blog strongly recommends all the visitors not only from Nepal but also from abroad to create international pressure to Nepal for abolishing Bandas, Dharnas and Strike at all. 

Say No to Strike
Tourism Year- 2011 proclaimed earlier has committed for peaceful natural environment of Nepal, but nowadays several parties, groups and castes are doing strike in the name of development or proportional participation. These claims of the protesters are good on their own hand but the way they adopted in the situation is not matching the condition of the country in international view. 

Daily Strikes and bandas is creating depression and anti feeling against Nepalese purity. This has urged the tourists to build up negative attitude towards Nepal. The situation has bound the tourists to go away from border rather than visiting Natural Nepal. This has not only affected Nepal but has also separated tourists to be a part of  breathtaking natural panorama of Nepali culture, Nature and others. 

No Nepali citizen can perform enough forces against Strike because they are divided into several groups in the name of strike with the demand of their favour. So, a wide international support of Nepalese is the need of time. All the visitors are keenly requested to support the campaign. And be a part of:

Support this campaign whether you belongs to Nepal or not. A support from a person can be a worthy support to drive the Nepal towards Golden future by eradicating all the spines of Bandas, Strike and Dharnas. 

Wishing for warm support from all around.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Heart of Asia, Nepal

Flag of Nepal
Asia, the worlds' largest continent. Among many countries lying over here, Nepali holds a bit peculiar characteristics than any other developed, developing and underdeveloped country. There are many causes and reasons behind it to be the heart of Asia. Really, the enormous nature, diversified culture and hospitable behavior impresses any visitors to this nation. 

Despite Geographical complexities, lots of achievement has been seized from the history on the ground of Tourism, Education, Communication and other infrastructure. It is the most visited country in South Asia and the center of attraction of Asia. This is why there is not doubt for Nepal to say it as the HEART OF ASIA. Focusing on tourism, this blog strongly addresses the presence of tourism possibilities in Nepal. It can be a guideline as well as information for those who are still unknown about Nepal.

Especially regarding the Tourism:
Adventure in Nepal
Currently, Nepal is under the world wide campaign, Nepal Tourism Year -2011. It can act as a boon for those who want to visit Nepal, it's supernaturalism and diversified cultural aspects. Lots of achievements seized of Visit Nepal 1998 has inspired Nepal Government to launch Nepal Tourism Year 2011. This campaign wouldn't be possible in the absence of Natural Nepal and its worth-mentioning citizens. The person who does not praise the Nepal, once he/she visits is an exception that is rarely found. Yes, the fact tells that every incomers to this nations are automatically invited for another adventure, visit, research or trek over here. The enormous natural scenario, diversified cultural practices, hospitable behavior of people, ever-widening greenery, etc are playing crucial role to withstand the prestige of Nepal in the world. 

Gurkhas Slogan
Not only in the natural aspects, but also Nepal has earned many tourists regarding the aspect of security. The history of Gurkhas is still gaining popularity in worlds' Power India, United Kingdom and Peace Keeping Forces. Today also, there is high demand of Nepali soldiers in international market. The establishment of museums regarding the Gurkhas i.e. Brave Nepalese is seizing the person from aboard who are fond of protection of sovereignty  The victory of Nepalese soldiers over British East India Company is 18th century is still fresh in the mind of many people around the world. The quotation alongside is sufficient to justify, why the number of tourists  increases yearly in Nepal. 

More than this, there are many unexplored events that lures the people from any corner of the world. Availability of numerous species of Birds, Butterflies, Animals, Herbs, Forests, Medicinal Plants, Insects, Flowers, Vegetables, Ecosystems, etc are the other major center of attraction. 

A Naturalist, a biologist and a researcher choose Nepal for many causes described above. All those person can find many things than they required only if they choose Nepal as their destination. This has been proved by various incidents published before of different international press medias. 

Anyway, The Heart Of Asia, i.e. Nepal once again welcomes all the well-wishers and unknown people from all around the world to visit it once and take knowledge about a worth-mentioning nature of the era. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stop road strike for the flow of Tourism

We are at the climax period of Nepal Tourism Year -2011, it is because the mid time of this year is very near to us. In this period several anti-social and anti-touristic activities hampers the flow of tourisms in the road and nature of Nepal. 

Most of the incoming tourist are made believed by the commitment of all political parties that they would not do road strike, dharna and other blocking activities during the period of Nepal Tourism Year. Being excited with this commitment most of the tourist are coming to visit Nepal at least of once. In astonishing contrast, the unknown and unpredicted strike is making stone in first bite for the first visitor of Nepal. 

Say No to Strike
Tourism Year is our campaign, it is related to the economic and social prestige of an individual, society and the nation at all. The success of this campaign is the success of every Nepali Citizen. Thus, it is our prime responsibility to act from our own place against the strike for the flow of Tourism successively. Every revolting groups and supporters of strike must keep in their mind that their activities creates whether positive or negative image in the mind of Tourists. Obviously, the strike hindering the safari creates bad image of Nepal in the mind of tourists. So, this develops dark patch in the name, fame, glory and prestige of Nepal in the world. 

The best alternative of strike can be sought after the table talk with Tourism Board, Tourists, Citizens, Human Right Association and striking groups for the submission of their desire with the government. 

We want the peaceful Nepal but not the strike that hampers the international height of this nation. The height or the name of Nepal is our Name in the World arena. So, let's give hand in hand to work for the flow of Nepal Tourism Year but not for the organization of Strike and Anti-Touristic Activities. 

Thank You!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wildlife Safari at CNP.

On the auspicious occasion of Nepal Tourism Year -2011, Nepal Government in coordination with local institution and private organizations offers a wide range of accomodation on wildlife safari at several places of Nepal. Among which, Chitwan National Park (CNP) is the one. The information that most of the people searching about this destination of Nepal is traced out below:
Area: 175 sq km
Established: 1976
Location: Eastern Nepal
Anyone who finds wildlife captivating will be thrilled to spend two or three days ‘on safari’ in Nepal’s premier national park.
Chitwan National Park (CNP) [SAFARI]
Here you can ride on an elephant (and then help to bath him in the river afterwards!), see the seriously endangered one-horned rhino and perhaps a Royal Bengal tiger also, as well as taking a canoe trip to see garial crocodiles or going on an early morning birdwatching walk to spot some of the 420 species of avian life that have been recorded here.
Chitwan has a sub-tropical, lowland jungle landscape and takes five hours to reach by road from Kathmandu (or a 25-minute flight).
Most of our jungle itineraries include a stay at one of the six lodges within the park, in a double ‘thatched cottage’ style room. Typically your stay would be for two nights/three days and all your activities and nature tours are conducted by resident professional guides and naturalists.
A visit to Chitwan will give you an insight into a very different natural and cultural setting, compared to the soaring mountain peaks or the bustle of Kathmandu. A trip here blends in well into a varied itinerary tour, combined perhaps with rafting and/or treks in the Annapurna region.

Take a Glimpse of CNP in Map:
Map of Chitwan National Park

Discover Nepal in you..

Enormous Nepali Nature

Explore Nepal tour is an exclusive traveling program especially designed for all aged visitors for Nepal Tourism Year 2011. Traveling Nepal is not just passing your time by spending couple of nights out to the home. Nepal offers a range of holiday opportunities for all range of visitors. It is a ground of rewarding experience of nature, culture, heritage, mountain, people & lifestyle and many more. Explore Nepal tour introduces you with culture & heritage of Kathmandu valley for couple of days. Where every next establishment is a Temple / Stupa and every next day is a festival. Our experience native guide will take to the hub of Nepalese culture around the city. We will transfer to a beautiful village residence called Bandipur on the ridge; over looking the Himalayan skyline, superb terraced farmland and wonderful local settlements on the half way to Pokhara.
Bandipur was a popular Newari trading point in the mid hill region precisely before completing of Prithivi Highway. After a night stop with great Sunrise and Himalayan view; continue our journey to Pokhara for couple of days on the heart of natural garden. Lumbini is our other main destination after a natural touch with Pokhara. After some 5 hours drive from Pokhara we arrive on the most secret land of Lumbini. Birth land of Lord Buddha Lumbini; means a lot for millions of Buddhist around the world. Visiting the Lumbini garden, you will find yourself on the heart of world peace and harmony.

Everest Base Camp Trekking

Everest base camp trek is probably the most popular and rewarding treks in the world. The name itself is mesmeric for trekkers and hikers around the world. Thousands of enthusiastic trekkers make their plan long before they put their foot on the trail. Some may able to be face to face with Everest, some may not. However it is life time dream for all adventure loving people from all corner of the globe. We feel proud to say, this amazing trek will sure to fulfill the dreams they saw before they leaving to the Everest country.
Everest Base Camp
Everest Base Camp trekking commence with a scenic mountain flight from Kathmandu to the foothill of Khumbu ‘Lukla’, which is main gateway to the Everest. On our arrival at Lukla we meet our supporting Sherpas and walk slowly upwards following the Dudh Koshi River to the Namche Bazaar. It is first time to take a glimpse of Mt. Everest along with Lostse and Nuptse in the northern skyline. There are still many days to walk upwards to the base camp and Kala Pattar, which gives amazing views of Mt. Everest and many other mountains such as Lhotse, Cho You, Nuptse, Makalu, Amadablam and other tall-short mountains along with pristine Himalayan glacier in the Mahalangur Mountain Region. We keep enough time to acclimatize in the high land.
During the Everest trekking we visit Tengboche Monastery, many culturally rich sherpa villages, Buddhist chorten, the famous Kala Patter, the base camp; where Everest conqueror gear up for final ascend and some time stay as many days under the tent waiting for good climate for the summit. The Everest trekking is lies in the Everest National park, which is world heritage site listed by UNESCO. You can see blossom of many wild flower, flora and faunas.
We use best available mountain lodge called “tea houses” for good night sleep in this trekking, which will arrange by our guide and porter will carry your belongings.
Have a wonderful trek on the lap of great Mt. Everest.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

World and terrorism afterwards..

Bin Laden and Twin Towe (9/11)
After a decade long successful murder of Osama Bin Laden, several questions has been arose from all around the future of the world. The death of a person has been enough to create revolutionary feeling on terrorists of the world. The members of Taliwan and Al-Queda are roaming all round the world giving their revengeful speech threatening the peace, security and humanity in of the world.
The so called powerhouse of the world, USA, is not more unsecured after the demise of Bin Laden. It is because the death of a person is not the rehabilitation of the peace and security. Numerous supporters if Laden would arise in the world against the murderer of him. It is the fact that when a person dies in revolution thousands of people arise in the street for success.
Say No to Terrorism
Bin Laden who as also a civil engineer, has empowered Al-Queda’s with all the required infrastructures, technologies and manpowers so that in the days to come, it would be more powerful in the absence of him. His desire of defeating USA has been the vow and commitment of every members of not only Al-Queda but also of several others underground organizations.
In this critical situation, it is clever for USA to sit on chair for conversation and understandings. The root of terrorism which is strong itself should be uprooted that can’t be made through murder and fighting. So being a umbrella nation it must play a crucial role for the world peace and security.
This type of situation in the days to come if not improved may broke out into third world war but no civilized mind want this consequence. So, before the worse condition the perfect steps must be launched from all around. The fusion should be made between the world and terrorism by elimination all the anti-humane activities of terrorists. Then only we can talk about our future.
Otherwise, no one knows if there exists his/her future or not.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

World Security after Osama's Death

In the absence of Al-Quada's leader Osama Bin Laden, it is not correct to say that the world is safer in the absence of him. Al-Quada which has been empowered by Osama is still running in several Islamic nation of the world which can't be traced out by US-operation in very small period of time. After a decade, the successful mission of US-armies hasn't proved their speed but their skill that often takes lots of time. This situation proves the clever behaviour of Al-Quada's to make themselves hidden at any place of the world.

Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden (Leader. Al Quada)
Eventually, the nation related to America (USA), who are against the Al-Quada and expressing freely with enthusiam on the demise of Osama are sure to face many security challenges brought by Al-Quada's and other such underground organizations. The so called success spoken by Obama isn't sustainable. He had given a speech for a short time but in a long run, he and his nation has to bear many complex security issues.

The fact shows that Al-Quada isn't a humane organization but is against the humanity and civilization, but whatever celebration was done on USA and other countries has driven themselves towards the black future of terrorism. It has obviously annoyed, the members of Al-Quada. So, at any time any where the world have to face a destruction and devastation, probably there can be the end of humanity, the civilization and the earth.

Not waiting for such situation!

May God bring the peaceful settlement of Osama in Heaven and mutual understanding among terrorists and all the citizens.

The lesson of humanity should be brought in practice from all around that at any cost should bring the peace not by killing, murdering and fighting but by mutual understanding, conversion and all other humane activities.

Wishing for the Bright future!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Al-Qaeda's leader Osama Bin Laden dead - Obama

The al-Qaeda leader was killed in a ground operation outside Islamabad based on US intelligence, the first lead for which emerged last August.
Osama Bin Laden (leader. Al-Qaeda)
Mr Obama said after "a firefight", US forces took possession of his body.
Bin Laden was accused of being behind a number of atrocities, including the attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001.
He was top of the US "most wanted" list.
Mr Obama said it was "the most significant achievement to date in our nation's effort to defeat al-Qaeda".
The US has put its embassies around the world on alert, warning Americans of the possibility of al-Qaeda reprisal attacks for Bin Laden's killing.
Crowds gathered outside the White House in Washington DC, chanting "USA, USA" after the news emerged.
Source : BBC

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