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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Player without Nation : Issue of Sharad Veswakar

‘I love scoring goals for England and playing for England. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t retire - I love playing for my country,’ said David Beckham once, despite knowing he would not feature in the future plan of English football team. Arguably, David Beckham is one of the most celebrated names, if you consider European football post 1990s.

Sports psychologists tell you: Pride of playing for the country does make sportsmen run that extra mile, push the barriers a bit further, and makes them feel responsible. Because, in the back of their head, they’re thinking about trying to uplift masses that back them.

But can we imagine a situation where a player plays without a country? Impossible you’d say? Then what is the case of Sharad Vesawkar, one of the mainstays of Nepali Cricket team?

Sharad Veswakar, who has represented Nepal right from Under-15 level to national cricket team, does not have a citizenship of Nepal. Something wrong there? Yours truly says - it’s completely insane. It’s as if he doesn’t exist, except in the record books, where his century for Nepal stands.

Nepal Citizenship Act 2006 says, “Any person born at the time when his father or mother is a citizen of Nepal, shall be a citizen of Nepal by descent.” Furthermore, it adds, “A child born to a Nepali female citizen from marriage with a foreign citizen in Nepal and having permanent domicile in Nepal may be granted naturalized citizenship as prescribed, provided the child has not acquired the citizenship of a foreign country on the basis of citizenship of his father.”

Yes, Veswakar has a Nepali mother and has been residing in the country as far as he can remember. Yet the boy in his mid-twenties is not our own, at least legally. Worse, this is the status WE have given him. We take a lot of pride in collecting hundreds of thousands of rupees to send SMS to India, just to help a Nepali-speaking person become an Indian Idol (It should be noted that yours truly has no malice against Prashant Tamang or his singing). Yet we act indifferent, when somebody takes pride in playing for us and treat him with disdain.

“President is the only person we’ve not spoken to, on this issue. From the rest we’ve already received assurances,” this is what Nepali captain Paras Khadka had to tell this scribe during a conversation some time ago. Just over two years ago, a delegation of cricketers had met Madhav Kumar Nepal, then Prime Minister, to return with a bagful of promises. Two prime ministers later, the issue is just there, while several thousand more - a number of them non-Nepalis - have become ‘proud’ citizens of this country.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many cricketers, who showed a lot of promise at early age, taking to a foreign land, to have a secure future. But this man hasn’t budged. Whether he could not go out or did not wish to - is not the question. The question is: Can’t somebody stand up and say - you’ve done us proud and deserve to be a citizen of this country? Not that giving him citizenship would hurt national coffers.

He told this scribe once, “Whenever the issue is raised, I feel as if it’s a joke. I try not to think about it and focus on my cricket.” But any sane man can understand focus becomes a tad more difficult when you have more serious issues in your head.

Perhaps, it is a joke. Some cruel joke, where he is a victim of his own stardom, for he can’t go and pay a few thousand rupees - just like many do - to become a Nepali citizen. Till he musters up courage to do that, perhaps he will remain a refugee in his own country. For we have a habit of forgetting things - taking it too easy - especially if the issues are related to sports, no matter how important.

But, yours truly wishes his status would change and change for good. No matter how faint, hope remains.

Source : The Kathmandu Post

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nationality fails in front of power ::

The topics seems quite analytic. This is the issue of current not the old one. The matter of talk and to take in action. So called honorable Minister Sharat Singh Bhandari sitting on the seat of Ministry of Defense has given the very controversial speech. His speech works against the integrity of Nepal. It irritates the Nationality and intimate relationship of Terai-Madhesh with Hill and Mountain.

In the face-to-face talk organized by reporters club, Nepal Sharad Singh Bhandari gave above speech (video) where is claims that 22 districts of Terai to separate out from Nepal for the formation of new country. He then illustrated this claims with lots of examples. Analyzing his deliveries none can claim that he is the nationalistic. But it is the bitter reality that this person is not only the simple citizen but the honorable defense minister who is supposed to act as the protector of nationality. His speech is the most shameful one which from any angle doesn't suits his political career in Nepali land.

The same person is the defense minister till now. Not a single step has been taken. Even the clarification hasn't been asked by the Primeminister. Though the most intellectual PM Dr. Bhattarai is in action, his strategy failed in front of the power of Madhesi Morcha to which Bhandari belongs to. The meetings of CA hasn't touched the scheldule only for this issue.

Being the member of authentic governmental body, Bhandari is supposed to protect the nationality but be failed to perform his task. He doesn't deserve to what he is granted. Strong voices asking his resignation is widely heard. In this condition, the quick reaction of PM Dr. Bhattarai will be the most determining one to build up his career.

Note : Nationality is the self-developed abstractness that is deserved to the only who respects.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What the politics we are on ? :: Nepal

The two biggest occasions (Dashain and Tihar), are one after another but the nation gets no triumph. No pleasure to the politics. Nepal is pacing ahead from last 5 yrs for the same goal but is still unsuccessful to grasp the one. Government of Nepal, has proved itself to be the source of earning for 601s. Probably, the poor country of rich citizens is none other than Nepal. 

Crores of budgets are granted by citizens to the country through taxes for the celebration but the nation is showing idleness in constructional works only for the economic difficulties. It is easy to exemplify the situation. Lots of illustrations can be taken. Tourism Year - 2011 was declared and is at the end but Nepal Airline Corporation which is supposed to imports more air-tourists is confined in one-airbus. Though the issue of buying new airbus is very old, every steps to import the aeroplane is full of corruption. This activities leads towards the spoken development but not the practical one. Fascinating speech of government has been the tradition that the government can neither leave nor implement. 

Dr. Bhattarai, who is really the brilliant personality in Nepali politics also stepped back from his speech. Thus, no one leaders proved themselves as a dutiful. All are the raddish of same field. In the sack of rotten potato, the existence of raw one is neglected so is the situation of Nepali politics. Among 601 there are obviously the good leaders but all the ray of hope are dismissed by the darkness. The majority is in favour of darkness. This is why the hopes of brightness aren't exposed. 

This is the result of party-based politics. And we are on the political deadlock. 

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