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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nepal, cornorstone of Trekking

Tourism is disable in the absence of trekking. Realizing this fact, Nepal Government with the coordination with local agencies has started Trekking services in various touristic places. Under this provision, any incomer/tourist can test the taste of trekking in steep highlands of Nepal. Nepalese Guiders with hospitable behaviors and friendly coordination can motivate you to increase your stay in Nepal marking an unforgettable incident in your life. Snow capped mountains and thunderous inauguration in several places can enhance your adaptability in Nepalese society, thus adjustment in this places can be made easier than in any other such destination. 

Fig. Trekking 
 Actual taste of tourism can be seized only via trekking on natural environment of natural Nepal. Whatever you have seen is nothing but which is still unseen can be the greatest destination of your Life. Nepal guarantees you for the best accomodation. Real human does undone, hears unheard and see the unseen. So, make Nepal as your destination where you can do the undone, hear the unheard and see the unseen in the natural environment, an example of the WORLD. 

Trekking destination of Nepal
  1. Mustang
  2.   Mugu
  3. Solukhumbu
  4. Khaptad Baba
  5. Bikram Baba
  6. Manakamana
  7. Mt. Everest and many other highlands
  8. Tea estates
  9. etc

Home stay in Nepal....

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), the formal organization to manage the tourists incomers is now warming up for the successful start and end of Nepal Tourism Year - 2011. I am feeling glad to announce that all the domestic as well as international tourists that NTB, in co ordination with local bodies is bringing convenient accomodation policies for tourists/incomers. 

Fig. Home Stay in Nepalese Family for Tourists

Home stay comprises the staying of incomers in rural areas in the original Nepalese huts or permanent houses. There any people can find the services of food, housing and clothing in the manner of hospitality. No complain has been brought regarding this facilities from the incomers of here. Any sort of foods available in locality can be served with an ease. So, to taste Nepali, live Nepali, eat Nepali and enjoy Nepali home stay service has been a boon in the history of World Tourism.    

Grab the opportunity...........Hurry Up 

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