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Saturday, May 5, 2012

अन्नपुर्ण हिम सृंखला मा हिमताल फुट्दा (Brusting of Glacier @Pokhara, Nepal)

Watch the videos of what happened when Glacier brust in Annapurna region,

Video I:

Video II:

1. Started @ 9:00 am today (5th May, 2012).
2. 14 people died
3. Many bridges have been engulfed.
4. 8 houses have been swept by flood in Sardikhola VDC
5. 22 peoples with 3 tourists are out of contact from Sardikhola VDC.
6. More than 14 shops have been swept by flood in Bhujung of Kaski
7. Out of 16 students of Gandi Int'l College, 2 are out of reach . They were in picnic programme.
8. More than 47 other people are also unreachable.

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