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Friday, December 27, 2013

Budget in Preparation For the BIG cricket

Advanced Work Plan Commission under the National Sports Council set to prepare the reasonable plan for the World Cup Cricket prepared the plans worth Rs. 3 Crore 83 lakhs.

The Commission submitted the report to the National Sports Council Member Secretary Lama.  The Commission allocated 1 crore 53 lakhs 8 thousands 43 rupees and 44 paisa for the construction of infrastructure. It allocated 2 crore 30 lakhs 40 thousand 9 hundred rupees and 20 paisa for ODI practice games.

Report includes the details of quick-task. According to which cricket infrastructure repairment and practice matches are highly recommended. 

Similarly, the commission has prepared the required report for the necessary matches to be held in SriLanka and New Zealand as the practice matches for Nepali Squad. Yubaraj Lama said that this programme will start along with economic collaboration with Nepal Government. 

In the Report Preparation Committee of the National Sports Council, the Sports Development Department chief Prakash Ghimire , Ministry of Youth and Sports Deputy Bahadur Karki, CAN representative Sanjeev Pandey, chief instructor Jagat Tamata and an engineer of the council were also present. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

First Choice 15-Member Squad for ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2014

According to the Press Release of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), 15-Member preliminary squad is decided for the upcoming ODI Cricket World Cup Qualifiers 2014 to be hosted on New Zealand. 

According to this, under the captaincy of Paras Khadka, 
Gyanendra Malla(VC),
Sharad Veswakar, Sompal Kami, Shakti Gauchan, Basant Regmi, Binod Bhandari, Prithu Baskota, Pradeep Airee, Anil Mandal, Sagar Pun, Jitendra Mukhiya, Mahesh Chhetri, Subash Khakurel(Wicket Keeper) and
Avinash Karna  are selected as the first choice 15 member squad. 

Prithu Baskota, who was not present in T20 Qualifiers is now back on the team while Sompal Kami is selected for the first time in 15-men squad. Sompal has been performing well in recently completed Sagarmatha Cement Journey to World Cup. The Pace Bowling of Sompal has lured the selectors to include him on the team. His inclusion on the team is supposed to quench the lack of Pace Bowlers in the team. 

Nepali Cricket Team is leaving for SriLanka on December 17 for the practice matches perhaps with Sri Lankan A as a part of their preparation for the upcoming ICC World Cup 2015 Qualifiers to be held in New Zealand. The Global Event of Qualifers will commence from 13th January 2014.

Nepali Team will move to New Zealand about 10-15 days before the tournament to set up practice match with the local teams and the warm ups of the tournament.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nepal to Take Netherlands on ICC T20 Qualifiers

Photo : Mikasha Station
The fifth Encounter of Nepal in the ICC T20 Qualifier 2013 is Netherlands. Netherlands is the tournament favorite from Group B which is currently the Group Leader followed by Nepal. Afghanistan and Netherlands are regarded as the tournament favorite because of their strong batting and bowling line up. Beside these two countries, Nepal with only one loss in the tournament is on the way of grabbing the target at any effort. Nepali Squad have been proving their both bowling and batting caliber with different opponents of the tournament. 

After 7 wicket victory with PNG, Nepali Team will be playing with Netherland on 20th of November on Sharjah Cricket Stadium with Winning Spirit. Nepal had lost the match with PNG on the previous version of T20 Qualifiers. In this sense also the Nepali Squad will be playing with the Head Held High. Nepal has shown exceptionally better Opening Line Up in Today's match against PNG. 

Nepal Vs Netherlands will be Featured LIVE from the official site of ICC. Keeping in mind that viewing the LIVE STREAM in demand high bandwidth, Mikasha Station will be providing LIVE VIDEO STREAMING of this match via Mikasha TV - Online. 

For SLOW INTERNET, Please Follow the INSTRUCTION Before Playing The LIVE STREAM. 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nepal Vs Scotland to Broadcast over Internet

Nepal's third match of the Qualifiers if scheduled by to broadcast it LIVE. After 2 victories in row, Nepali team will be playing with sufficient confident and head held high with winning spirit. Third match will also be in the same ground Nepal has been playing for the last 2 matches. In this sense, the crease won't be difficult to understand for the players. 
Photo : Mikasha Station

Upcoming 4 matches of Nepal will be WebCasted on the official site of International Cricket Council. 

For the convienence of Nepali Supporters around the world, Mikasha Station is planning to share the LIVE Video in its own Online TV, Mikasha TV - Online.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nepal to take Kenya on ICC T20 Qualifiers

After the confortable victory over Denmark on the first match of ICC T20 Qualifiers, the second encounter will be with one of the strong opponent, Kenya which was once a ODI nation. This match will be features in ICC Academy Oval 2.

Match Details 
Venue : ICC Academy Oval 2, Dubai
Umpires : John Ward, Mark Harwthorne
Referee : David Jukes
Time : 10:00 Hr GMT, 3:45 PM NST

Paras Khadka (c), Subash Khakurel (W), Amrit Bhattrai, Anil Mandal, Avinash Karn, Basant Regmi, Binod Bhandari, Gyanendra Malla, Jitentra Mukhiya, Mahesh Chhetri, Pradeep Airee, Rahul Bishwakarma, Sagar Pun, Shakti Gauchan, Sharad Veswakar

Collins Obuya(C), Alex Obanda, Dhiren Gondaria, Duncan Allan, Elijan Otieno, Hiren Varaiya, Irfan Karim, 
Morris Ouma(W), Nehemiah Odhiambo, Nelson Odhiambo, Ragheb Aga, Rakep Patel, Shem Ngoche, 
Steve Tikolo, Thomas Odoyo

Photo : Mikasha Station

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Nepal to take Denmark on ICC T20 Qualifier 2013

Nepal will take Denmark as the third match of the whole tournament and the first match for Nepal and Denmark. Match will be played on ICC Academy Oval 2, Dubai.

Match Details 
Venue : ICC Academy Oval 2, Dubai
Umpires : Chris Gaffaney, Sakira Prasad, Adrian Holdstock
Referee : Graeme la Brooy
Time : 6:00 Hr GMT, 10:00 Local, 11:45 NST

Paras Khadka (c), Subash Khakurel (W), Amrit Bhattrai, Anil Mandal, Avinash Karn, Basant Regmi, Binod Bhandari, Gyanendra Malla, Jitentra Mukhiya, Mahesh Chhetri, Pradeep Airee, Rahul Bishwakarma, Sagar Pun, Shakti Gauchan, Sharad Veswakar

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nepal in ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers 2013

Nepal is one step behind the T20 Cricket World Cup and the last step is on the way. The final selection tournament, ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers 2013 is scheduled to begin from 15th of November 2013 which will declare the top 6 teams to to added in the list of T20 World Cup Playing nations. Out of 16 teams the top six will proceed ahead to play the World Cup 2014 which is going to be featured in Bangladesh. 

United Arab Emirates will host all 72 matches of tournaments in different grounds. Two Group with 8 teams in each will struggle in RoundRobin and Playoffs format to grab the success.

Group A : 
Ireland, Canada, UAE, Namibia, HongKong, Uganda, UDA, Italy

Group B: 
Nepal, Afghanistan, Denmark, Kenya, Scotland, PNG, The Netherlands, Bermuda

 Nepal will play the following matches before the playoffs
15th Nov. :: Vs Denmark
16th Nov :: Vs Kenya
18th Nov :: Vs Scotland
19th Nov :: Vs Papua New Guinea
20th Nov :: Vs The Netherlands
22th Nov :: Vs Afghanistan
23th Nov :: Vs Bermuda

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nepal in World Cup Qualifiers 2014 - Gateway to ICC World Cup 2015

Official LOGO
World Cup Qualifers 2014 to be staged in New Zealand will be the final qualification tournament for World Cup 2015. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will comprise 14 nations. 10 Full member nation will compete with 4 associate/affiliate members qualified from global qualifiers.

Full Members are :
1. Australia
2. Pakistan
3. Bangladesh
4. New Zealand
5. South Africa
6. West Indies
7. Zimbabwe
8. Sri Lanka
9. England
10. India

Participating Teams for Word Cup 2015

TWO teams are decided from 2011-13 World Cricket League Champoinship(2011-13 ICC Intercontinental Cup One Day). Total of 8 nations with compete in this tournament to grab top 2 position while the last 6 teams will meet other 4 nations in World Cup Qualifiers 2014.

Other TWO teams are decided from World Cup Qualifers 2014, that is scheduled to be staged on New Zealand. It includes last 6 nations of World Cricket League Championship and 4 nations of Division 2. After recently completed WCL Div 3 - Bermuda, Nepal and Uganda are promoted to Division 2, thus selected for World Cup Qualifiers 2014. Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea(PNG) have maintained their status in Division Two. So, 4 teams of Division 2 are Nepal, Uganda, Hong Kong and PNG. 

Outcome of World Cup Qualifier 2014
World Cup Qualifier 2014 acts as the Gateway for 10 nations to ensure their participation in the biggest event of ICC. Among 10 nations only TOP 2 will get ticket to participate in World Cup while rest TOP 4 will be promoted to Division 1 and granted ODI status. Other 4 teams will be shifted to Division 2.

The ODI status granted to TOP 4 (Other than TOP 2) will be temporary. It will be valid for 4 years. During this time period the nation will be involving in matches with full membered ICC countries. So, World Cup Qualifers 2014 is the most important event for the country who are eager to get ODI status.

After the dramatic performance in last 3 matches of World Cricket League Division 3 - Bermuda, Nepal clinched the title of Division 3 by beating Uganda in the Final. Thus Nepal is promoted to Division 2 and selected for World Cup Qualifiers 2014.

Nepal, which is infact the powerhouse of spinners will be making strategies to recruit some pacers in the squad as the pitch of New Zealand prefers Pacers. Competing with emerging teams for the biggest prize of International Cricket, is not a small task. Nepali players are filled with the series of victories in recent tournament which is really acting as confidence riser to the players. Further, the concerned body of Cricket must think as fast as possible about the recruitment of pacers.

The Land of Buddha, also renowned as the Land of Third Pole(Mt. Everest) is thirsty of achieving acme height in International Cricket. As it is the matter of pride for crores of citizens, the government must act wisely for the outdoor practice matches exposing with more powerful teams.

Lastly, All the Best for Nepali Squad !!!

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Nepal in ICC T20 Qualifiers 2013 - Gateway to T20 World Cup

For the first time, ICC World Twenty20 will have 16 participating teams. The tournament is scheduled to organize from 16th March to 6th April in Bangladesh. 10 full members are directly qualified for the tournament while 6 are qualified through ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2013.
Official LOGO

After being finalist on ACC T20 Cup Nepal 2013, Nepal have also grabed the position on global qualifier of Twenty20 World Cup 2013. ICC T20 Qualifier will be played in October 2013 in United Arab Emirates(UAE). The Qualifier will include 16 teams, among which TOP 6 will play World T20 in Bangladesh. 6 teams are included from the previous edition of T20 Qualifers while other 10 are included by the regional tournaments. 

Participating Teams of ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2013 :
1. Nepal
2. Afghanistan
3. HongKong
4. Uganda
5. Kenya
6. Bermuda
7. United States
8. PNG
9. Namibia
10. Canada
11. Netherlands
12. Scotland
13. Ireland
14. UAE
15. [Not Decided]
16. [Not Decided]

Two teams which are yet to be decided will be decided from Europe Division 1. 

Nepal performing well is most of the international events is the tournament farvorites. Last time, Nepal finished the T20 Qualifers in 7th position. That time only top 2 nations were allowed to play T20 World Cup. But this time, the number of participating teams is increased to 16. So TOP 6 teams will qualify for World Twenty20. Nepal had good results with most of the participating teams viz. Afghanistan, Bermuda, UAE, United States, HongKong, etc on recently held global tournament. So, BIG hope is with the emerging team of South Asia i.e. NEPAL. 

All the Best to Nepali Squad !!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nepal Reserved A Place in World Cup Qualifers 2014 !

ICC World Cup Qualifers 2014 is the final qualification tournament for Cricket World Cup 2015. It comprises 10 teams selected from different global matches. New Zealand will host this event. Further it is the final event of 2009-2014 World Cricket League games. 

FOUR teams of Division Two will compete with SIX teams who failed to select for World Cup from Intercontinental Cup 2013. Inter Continental Cup 2013 comprises 8 teams among which top two progresses for World Cup 2015 and remaining SIX will go for ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2014. 

Nepali Bowlers Appeal against Italy - | Credit : ICC | 
After a stunning results of last league match of Division Three, Nepal succeeded to progress to Division TWO, thus reserved a place in World Cup Qualifiers 2014. Nepal, the pre-tournament favourites was once in the danger of relegation when first two important matches were not in favour of Nepal. The last league match made Nepal to grab third success which highly improved net run rate. Bermuda's victory against USA not only saved themselves from being relegated but helped Nepal to over take USA in run rates. The attacking and ballistic performance of Nepal paved their way to World Cup Qualifiers as the Run Rate of USA was not as good as Nepal. 

The Final Points Table of the tournament is :
Top Two Progressed for World Cup Qualifers and Division 2

Reserving a place in World Cup Qualifers is the success of Nepali team. Their dream to participate in World Cup 2015 is just a step behind. The only thing they have to do is to bring Nepal on Top 2 of World Cup Qualifiers.

Hope Nepal will grab the title of Division Three on which they will fight against Uganda on Hamilton Cricket Ground, Uganda (5th May 2013). 

Exposure of Nepali Team with strong teams is a must so that they can realize their cons. Best of Luck to Nepal Cricket Team. May their Dream for playing World Cup 2015 get transformed in Reality !

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Enable Nepali Fonts on Opera Mini :: 100% Working

Reading Devnagari(Nepali) scripts in mobile via Opera is still the problem for many mobile users. Especially for the mobile user of Nepal and India have to face the problem while reading their national scripts on internet where the problem is the square box which appear in place of Devnagari(Nepali) script. 

Here we have suggested the 100% working technique for enabling Nepali fonts (Devnagari scripts) in Opera Mini Mobile Browser. 

STEP 1 : Open Opera Mini Application. 

STEP 2 : Go to Address Bar and remove www., make address bar completely blank

STEP 3 : Type     about:config    and proceed ahead
              Now Power User Setting of Opera Mini is opened. 

STEP 4 : Go to the last of the page and Enable Bitmap Font for Complex Script

STEP 5 : Select Yes and Click on Save

Now, your opera mini will display any type of fonts. 

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nepali Sports (Cricket) Awaits Investment !

Nowadays, the National Football Players are quite satisfied with their governing body as ANFA has brought lots of programmes to professionalize the football programs within Nepal. League Football match with grand prize worth Rs.75 Lakh (2069 B.S.) is not a small investment in Football. So Football is the only sports of Nepal which is getting lots of investment day and day. The only things the football is waiting for is the success in international games. Despite the huge investment, it has not succeeded to invite the news of international victories rather the FIFA ranking is degrading match by match. Let's hope the stability that is seen in football will now pave the path of perfection to get acme position in South Asian Football. 

TU Ground - ACC T20 Cup Nepal 2013
Let's go through Nepali Cricket which has brought lots of triumph nowadays. Recently held ACC T20 2013 has shown the craze of Nepali Cricket to all cricketing nation who can't even make such a huge crowd despite of their TEST PLAYING RANK. Massive crowd of 25000+ have proved the potential of Nepali Cricket. Despite all these things, there is not a single Cricket Ground with minimum requirements viz. Pavilion, Media House, etc. Even there is not a place for viewers to catch the event live from the Ground. The Picture alongside is the view of ACC T20 Cup 2013 where there were 20,000+ cricket lovers to catch the event live on the ground. The TU Ground which is marked as the top Cricket Pitch of Asia, even don't have minimum infrastructure of Stadium. It is shameful to address that the ticket management team even couldn't provide ticket access to all the people arriving on the ground due to which thousands of people have watched this match for free. It has disclosed many problems within the Cricket Governing Body, CAN (Cricket Association of Nepal). 

CAN need to exercise much to become the responsible government body of Cricket. Till now it is only the official banner of Nepali Cricket. Beside that it has shown it's zero significance in any of the activities. It is capable of making big matches within the country as ANFA does but capacity has remained only the subject of dream rather than reality. 

On getting the substantial investment, Nepali Cricket is sure to drive the nation towards new height among the world as The Power House of Cricket. The regular victories made by national team in international matches with higher ranked countries is the best allusion which shows the potentiality of Nepali Cricket to grab the acme success in the very near future. Right now the nation is moving ahead to grab the position in World Cup - 2015 which is the dream of all Nepali. This dream is not a hard nut to crack, it can be simplified if mega-investment triggers on Cricket. 

It is very sad to address that CAN couldn't afford Afghanistan Team for 5 ODI Practice match after the completion of ACC T20 with Nepali National Team. If CAN was able to do this, then it could be a great capsule for Nepali Cricket to eradicate the faults. Here also the investment plays the role. If there was some helping hands, then affording AFG (ODI Ranked) is not a big work. 

So every time, lack of investment is making the path of Nepali Cricket a bit complex. If this scenario gets continuity then upliftling the Cricket only by the work of Cricketer could be of great difficulty because investment in infrastructure builds the foundation for new comers and builds the current team. So, all the big entrepreneurs and mega-investor must once focus towards Cricket not only for their business but also for to make new indentity of Nepal.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pepsi ICC WCL Division 3 - 2013 :: Detail

World Cricket League acts as a gateway for new countries to participate in Cricket World Cup. For upcoming Cricket World Cup - 2015, the top two nations of Division 3 will qualify for 2014 World Cup Qualifiers. 
Participating Teams for ICC WCL Div. 3 2013 (Host - Bermuda)

The Host country for this tournament is Bermuda. The matches will be played in National Sports Stadium, St. David's and Somerset CC. Bermuda was last time relegated from Division Two. Along with Bermuda, Uganda is the other nation which is also relegated from Division 2 in 2011. Oman and Italy have maintained their status in Division 3. Nepal and USA are recently promoted to Division Three. Nepal stood First while USA in second position in Division 4 during their promotion to Division 3. 

Top two countries of ICC Intercontinental Cup One-Day will be directly selected for World Cup while remaining 6 will qualify for World Cup Qualifiers 2014. World Cup Qualifiers will be held in New Zealand from where top 2 team will qualify for World Cup 2015. PNG and HongKong being Division 2 nation have already secured their place in World Cup Qualifiers. They will face top two nation of Division 3 and Six nations (other than top two of Inter Continental Cup) nations from Inter Continental Cup One Day. 

Bermuda - Stephen Outerbridge (Captain), Jason Anderson, Lionel Cann, Jekon Edness, Treadwell Gibbons, David Hemp, Malachi Jones, Greg Maybury, Tre Manders, Delray Rawlins, Jacobi Robinson, Curt Stovell, Rodney Trott and Janeiro Tucker
Italy - Alessandro Bonora (Captain), Damian Graham Crowley, Gayashan De Silva Munasinghe, Luis Di Giglio, Dilan Fernando Arsakulasuriya, Fida Hussain, Dinidu Marage, Damian Muthunamagonnage Fernando, Andrew Northcote, Hayden Patrizi Dell’agnello, Vincenzo Pennazza, Peter Petricola, Michael Raso and Carl Sandri
Nepal – Paras Khadka (Captain), Pradeep Airee, Prithu Baskota, Binod Bhandari, Amrit Bhattarai, Shakti Prasad Gauchan, Subash Prasa Khakurel, Gyanendra Malla, Anil Kumar Mandal, Basant Regmi, Sanjam Regmi, Chandra Sawad, Sharad Vesawkar and Rahul Kumar Vishwakarma
Oman - Vaibhav Wategaonkar (Captain), Sultan Ahmed, Qais Al Said, Syed Amir Ali, Munis Ansari, Ghazanfar Iqbal, Syed Aamir Kaleem, Ajay Lalcheta, Sufyan Mahmood, Hemal Mehta, Nileshkumar Parmar, Rajesh Ranpura, Zeeshan Siddiqui and Jatinder Singh
Uganda - Davis Arinaitwe (Captain), Benjamin Musoke, Roger Mukasa, Laurence Sematimba, Frank Nsubuga, Brian Masaba, Arthur Kyobe, Charles Waiswa, Michael Ndiko, Deusdedit Muhumuza, Henry Senyondo, Arthur Ziraba, Jonathan Sebanja and Richard Okia
USA – Steve Massiah (Captain), Danial Ahmed, Timroy Allen, Orlando Baker, Barrington Bartley, Akeem Dodson, Muhammad Asad Ghous, Elmore Hutchinson, Naseer Jamali, Rashard Marshall, Neil Mcgarrell, Sushil Nadkarni, Japen Patel and Steven Taylor

Match Fixtures !
Match Fixture : Highlighted belongs to Nepal Vs (Opponent)
All matches will start at 10:30 Local Time |

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

World Record :: Longest Marathon TV Talk Show - Rabi Lamichanne, Nepal

Before Rabi Lamichhane set the record of 62 hours 12 minutes of non-stop LIVE TV talk show, they were Pavlo Kuzheyev and Tetiana Danylenko (Both from Ukraine) holding the record of 52 hours. The previous record was made from 23rd August to 25th August 2011 which was just broken by the Nepalese Hero, Rabi Lamichhane on 13th of August 2013. 

Rabi Lamichanne - World Record Holder

Theme of The Show
To wipe out the rumors regarding the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Rabi Lamichhane with his entire team made a new evidence regarding the Birthplace of Buddha. Along with inscription of Ashoka Pillar, this event is also the next evidence that claims and proves Nepal as the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The Title of the show was " Buddha was born in Nepal. The World will admire Nepal" The event was formally started by burning the flame on Lumbini which was brought to Kathmandu by famous Marathon Runner Baikuntha Manadhar. The event was successfully hosted by News 24 TV of Nepal Broadcasting Channel (NBC). Started on 11th of August at 10:30 am, it formally reached 60 hours on 13th of August at 10:44 pm. He took some extra time for break as per the rules and regulation of Guinness Book of World Record.

In the show he talked with more than 100 personalities. Actors, Journalists, Actress, Politicians, enterpreneurs, businessman, sportsman, ambassadors, etc were nicely interviewed by skilled RJ/host Rabi Lamichhane. He made 62 hours 12 minutes hrs of talk not only as a world record but also gave a common platform to different personalities from uncommon sectors. The gossip was really good to hear live from television. The talks were really interesting sometime. He suggested all the interviewed personalities to be committed on the respective sectors. To make the show more effective as to bind strictly on the rules of Guinness Book of World Records numbers of Video call were accepted. The live viewers were clear regarding the difficulty of managing the incoming video calls. In every 2-3 second, new calls were seen onscreen. The show has got popularity not only in Nepal but all over the world. Whole world was admiring the show, admiring Rabi and admiring Nepal. The message of Buddha was spreading in larger extent as before. 

Performing for 62 hours 12 minutes onscreen is not a easy talk. But Lamichhane proved himself and and proved the theme of the show. He made the world known about Nepal once again with his name and with name of Buddha and Everest. He looked fresh and energetic till the last hours of show. Same pitch was delivered from his sound. The officials of Guinness Book of World Record granted him the certificate on the same platform of News24 TV, Nepal.

Thus the world mustn't be in confusion now that "Buddha was Born in Nepal and Mt. Everest Lies in Nepal". 
Lastly, once again  a BIG CONGRATULATION to Nepalese HERO Rabi Lamichhane. !!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Year Gift :: Sajha Tranportation (Sajha Yatahat)

Sajha Yahayat is the only governmental transport provider. It was launched 51 years ago and was stopped in 2058 B.S. Same organization was re-instated as Co-operative in 2067 B.S. according to which the 54 seated bus of 'Euro-3' standard is to carry out in operation. 

Maha Jodi - Inauguration Ceremony of Sajha 
Sajha Yatayat has historical record of serving the people for more than decades is re-launched from today (31st Chaitra, 2069,  Eve of new Year 2070) after 12 years of postponement of its service. Highly sophisticated 16 buses have already been brought to Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur to the office of Sajha Yatayat. The service is re-launched initailly to some major parts of Kathmandu and Lalitpur. The head of council of minister Khilraj Regmi and Chief Secretary Lilamani Poudel jointly inaugurated the re-launched Sajha Service today on the inauguration ceremony. Mandan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bamsa Acharya (Maha Jodi) were the major attraction of the inauguration ceremony as the song "Sajha Busma jo pani chadda6......" is remembered when anybody talks about Sajha Yatayat. 

Sajha will serve the people from 5 am morning to 11 pm night. For this 60 drivers and assistant drivers are already selected by competitive way. Despite the reservation for woman,

Digitally empowered Nepali Sports :: Article

We have been blogging from last 3 years, till then we have found lots of digital improvement in Nepali scenario. We feel proud to say that Nepali has the strong position in Digital world. The powerful posts and union of Nepali citizen in social networking sites is enough to illustrate the digital power of Nepal. 

Regarding the breaking of News, Sports and others, FACEBOOK has been the best media. Lots of people are engaged in it who are totally involved and dedication for the nationality from all the possible ways. Engagement of natives against the hidden colonism of border country is sure to ensure the protection of national sovereignty.

Moreover, Nepali Sports is growing much via digital media. Listening news on sports on Television is very rare because every bulletin has sports news at the end of program. So sports is totally hated by media in case of publishing the sports news. Broadcasting one or two short lengthed program in the television doesn't implies the full dedication of media on Sports. This claims and demands the establishment of Sports television which is awaited much.

ACC T20 Cup 2013 :: TU Ground, Kritipur
In matter of supporting the nation from all the possible way, Nepali stands in front of all other. Despite the poor facility of internet, the involvement of people in the world of networking is sky rocketing. Millions of Nepalese youths are involved in gossip, analysis, talks and so on regarding the various sports happenings. Number of portals are registered for the distribution of sports news to the world. Inauguration of number of portals in the single field is really making the sector of Nepali Sports, a competitive one. This is making the sites more informative in order to reach the thousands of viewers.

Those people who haven't played a cricket is now running a page for the score update, one who haven't any interest in football is now searching more and more pages to like and seize the informations,.... and so on. This is the scenario of Nepali Sports Supporters. The political leaders who have never put their investment in sports are now curious regarding the results of sports. In nutshell, the sports of Nepal is being powerful digitally day by day. The most awaited things is the implementation of all the activities of digital world in real world. Hope the day is very soon to come.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Long Term Remedy of Political Deadlock :: Analysis

Here is an analysis of Political Scenario that usually occurs in Nepal, hinders the way of smoothness and brings the ray of triumph and despair within the citizens. All the triumph that it brings doesn't last even for a day because, the brightness bows the head down in front of the darkness brought by Load Shedding of something other than electricity. Here is the majority of Darkness, the majority of negative happenings and always the good steps and revolutionary ideas are murdered in the infants. 

I am not blaming to all the old generation leaders of nation who even don't have the academic degree of Political Science though they are practically educated in politics. In the lifetime they didn't went through the theoritical knowledge of politics, they made practical politics as their major concern. Consequently the whole nation is suffering a lot.

Before every good steps or bad one there lies the philosophy. There must be the thorough study of philosophy before stepping in any field. Most of the Nepali politicians are unaware about the philosophy they worship. I am shocked with the some new generation youths attempting to involve in politics by taking help of the back force. Youths are involved in politics in wrong way, they are just misusing their political right. Division within the students is the worst consequence brought by student politics. Thousands of youth claim themselves as the youth leader but they even don't know the philosophy they carry. They are used as the Vote Bank by parties rather than involving themselves in creative tasks.

For the long term remedy of Political Deadlock, the academically qualified and practically influential political figure is necessary. We have practically influential figure who dare academically poor in theory. Theory plays the important role in planning while practical aids to design the path. We lack the proper planning. We are just moving ahead without sustainable political vision. I don't think, this scenario will preserve the national identity, the nationality and sovereignty. It is the only reason behind the bad treaties and agreement done by our leaders. In contrary to our leaders, the leaders of developed nation are academically powered who knows how to act with several countries. They have the aptitude of making treaties in favor their nation. I think the Gandak Treaty made between Nepal and India is the best allusion.

So, before it is delay the youth who are eager to join the politics, eager to lead the nation must come ahead with the certificate of excellence. They must come with best practical and best theoretical margins. Then only the nation can inhale the air of sustainable political remedy. The Political Deadlock will only get the BREAKTHROUGH for ever.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Human Never Dies ! Right or Wrong ? An Incident

Here is the story, story related to life and death, also the story that emphasizes that man never dies. I can give detail incident of story in the upcoming lines.

Once upon a time there lived a family in the village. Ram, the husband of Sita was old enough. Sita wan a bit younger than Ram. Ram was just roaming here and there. Last Friday he was feeling uneasy, weak and unhealthy. 

After 2 days of last friday, Ram died, Sita then cried for long time. He gave her emotional disappointment infront of great mass of people from around the village. From the mass of the people, a person named NARAD appeared infront of dead body of Ram and continuously crying Sita.

Narad said, "Sita, why are you crying, what's the matter, I don't think it's matter for crying,?"
Sita replied, "What, Narad, you don't regard this situation as a situation of crying, My husband is dead....."

Narad asked, "Who is your husband, is this dead body your husband or the soul inside him?"
Sita then became speechless for sometime........ 
Sita said, "...What Narad....?"

Narad said, "Yes, Sita, if you regard this dead body, your husband, then it is always dead. Otherwise if Ram's soul is your husband then the soul never dies."
Narad added, "So, Sita it is not the matter of crying, it is the natural phenomeno on which no people died neither any living creatures does,"

Sita then stopped crying. She realized that man never dies.

This post by me is not limited on story. I want to broadcast the useless crying that often takes place on somebody's death. It is for those people who weakens themselves by crying on meaningless situation.

Thank You!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Mehboob Alam :: Nepali Cricket Legend

A Guiness Book Record holder for being first bowler to take whole 10 wickets in an inning of ODI against Mozambique is Mehboob Alam. The one and only all rounder figure of Nepali Cricket who has unbreakable record of 256 not out runs in a domestic tournament. He is the synonym of Nepali Cricket. Nepali Cricket lovers always remember the name of Alam when someone talks about Nepali Cricket. The main topic of Nepali Cricket is Alam for his non-breakable world record of 10 wickets in an inning. Not only this he has a big influence in domestic supporters as well as supporters from Indian groups. 

Alam has also played respectable tournaments from the Indian club after when he was omitted from the National Squad. His omission from the national club has brought the wave in Nepali Sports scenario. Sometime when Nepal looses the easy matches with huge score difference then the deficiency of Alam is pronounced in every groups of Nepali Cricket. He is one of the successful all rounder has very significant bowling and batting caliber. His ability to swing the bowl has made him outstanding. 

Wherever he goes, there is find the queue of lovers. Really, he is the most favored cricketer although is presently not in National Squad. He is really missed. We wish for his Come Back on Nepali National Cricket. Hope he will soon quench the thirst of runs and wickets for Nepal........will drive the Nepali to the climax of International Cricket !!!

We have collected some important galleries of Mehbood from Google. Here are some of them.... Enjoy !

See Complete Cricket Profile of Mehboob Alam (Courtesy :

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ACC T20 Nepal 2013 :: LIVE UPDATE

ACC T20 Cup Nepal 2013 is the gateway for the World T20 Qualifiers. Afghanistan as an ODI nation and UAE as the host of World T20 qualifiers are already qualified for World T20 Qualifers. Beside these two nations this tournament will search top 2 country that deserve World T20 Qualifiers. 

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some Notable Personalities From Nepal !

1.      Abhiman Singh Basnet: Son of Sibaram Singh Basnet. Abhiman singh Basnet  was born on 1817. A general, he was appointed a member of coalition ministry headed by Chautariya Fatech Jang Shah (September 1845). He was killed by Krishna Bahadur Rana (Jang Bahadur's brother) during the Kot Massarce (15 September, 1846).

2.      Amar Singh Thapa : A kaji. Born in 1761. Took a leading part in all the western campaigns for unification during the regency of Bahadur Shah. Later conquered Garhwal and Kumaon and pushed the limits of the Gorkhali state up to the frontiers of the Kingdom of Sikhs along the Sutlej River. Fought brilliantly against the British in the area around Simla during the Anglo-Nepal war. (1814-16). Following Nepal's defeat the withdrew from public life and retired to Gosainkhund where he died on August 16, 1816.

3.      Amar Chitrakar: Amar Chitrakar, who was born in 1920, was a self taught sculptor. The majority of the statues set up at different par5ts of the country are his workd. He passed away in 1999.

4.   Amsu Verma: Was a 7th century's ruler and reformer who bounded the tie with Tibet giving his daughter Bhtikuti in marriage to the Tibetan Ruler Shrong Tseng Gompo. He died in 640.

5.      Arniko: Born in 1244, he was the most famous Nepalese Architect of out past glorious history. In spite of tender age, he led 80 artisans to Lhasa and erected a goldern stupa. He also showed his qualities as a bronze caster, painter and architect in China. Impressed by his craftsmanship, Emperor Kublai Khan of  China appointed him the controller of the imperial architectural studies. He died in China on March 11, 1306 at the age of 62. He was posthumously awarded the Chinese title of Ming Hoi and decorated with the title of Duke of Liang. The white Pagoda in Peking, designed by Arniko, stands to this day as monument of the Nepalese art and architecture.

6.      Aruna Lama: Aruna Lama, who constitutes a precious jewel of Nepaklese music, was born at Ghum in Darjeeling in 1945. Popularloy known as the nightingale of the Himalayas, Mrs. Lama greatly enriched the Nepalese music. She was able to win the heart and soul of the Nepalese by her first song "Kina yoban Udas, udas…." recorded in Calcutta in 1960. She died in February 4, 1998.

7.      Baburan Acharya:- Born in 1887, he was a master historian research scholar and thinker with and an acknowledged genius with an extraordinary memory power. He lost his eyesight while unearthing the nation's glorious past. Yet with his inward vision he remained throughout his life a constant source of historic outflow and a pioneer mastering his field. For his lifelong dedication to the cause of the Nepalese History, he was given the title of "Itihas Shiromani" (Gen among Historians). Awarded the Tribhuwan Prize, decorated with Gorkha Dakshin Bahu and made a member of honoris cause of the Royal Nepal Academy. He died in 1972 at the age of 85.

8.      Bahadur Shah:- A prince. Son of King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Born in 1757. Imprisoned and exiled by his elder brother, Pratap Singh, when the latter succeeded Prithvi Narayan Shah (January 1775). After Pratap Singh was succeeded by his infant son Ran Bahadur Shah (Novenber 1777), Bahadur Shah seized the regency from the dowager Queen Rajendra Laxmi (August 12, 1778). He lost it to her on June 20, 1779 but resumed it after her death on July 13, 1785. During this period as Regent (1785-1794) he presided over the incorporation of the Chaubisi and Baisi principalities into Nepal the conquest of territories as far west as Garhwal, the first Nepal-Tibet war (1788-1789) and the second Nepal-Tibet war (1791-1792). Dismissed from all offices when King Ran Bahadur Shah attained his majority (April 1794), he was later arrested and thrown into prison (February 1797) where he died of ill treatment (June 1797)

9.      Bal Chandra Sharma:- Born in 1919, he acquired higher education in Sanskrit, Hindi and English languages. Through he studied other languages, he always worked of the promotion of the Nepalese language. He held prominent positions like a minister, a member of the upper house, vice chancellor of national academy and an ambassador Bal Chandra Sharma was a great historian and a writer. Nepalko Aitihasik Ruprekha, Bhanubhakta Nepali Sabdakosh, Prithbee China and History of Nepalese literature and some of his outstanding literary works. Bal Chandra Sharma passed away in 1976.

10.  Bal Krishna Sama:- A dramatist. Mon be plume of Balkrishna Shember Rana. Born in 1902. One of the few literary figures recognized in his own lifetime, he introduced a new trend in Nepali literature by synthesizing oriental and western philosophic and scientific thoughts, During his lifetime, he held many academic posts such as the Chairman of Gorkha Bhasa Prakashini  Samiti and the Vice-Chancellor of the National Academy. He also had a short stint at the standing committee of the state council as its nominated member. Last but not the least, he was also an accomplished artist. Mutuko Byatha, Mukunda Indira, Pralhad and Amar Singh Thapa are some of his most prominent works. He died in 1981.

11.  Bal Narshigh Kunwar:- A kaji. eldest son of Ranjit Kunwar. Born on February 2, 1780. Middle ranking court official until he killed Sher Bahadur after the latter murdered the Regent ex-king Ran Bahadur Shah (April 25, 1806). For this action, he was promoted to the rank of the Kaji. Appointed Governer of Dhankuta (1828), Dadeldhura (1832) and Jumla (1835). Dismissed during a purge of Bhim Sen Thapa's supporters (1837), but regained public office a year later. Died on December 24, 1841.  

12.  Bal Bahabur Pandey:- He was a great revolutionary who joined Prajaparishad with a commitment to overthrow the Rana regime. The pamphlets which were distributed in 1940 opposing the Rana regime were produced from a duplicating machine concealed at his house. He dies in prison in 1943 at the age of 21.

13.  Bam Bahabur Rana:- Prime minister. Second son of Bal Narshigh Kunwar. Born in 1818 or 1819. Vakil at Calcutta (1844-1845). Officiated as visit to Europe (January 15, 1850- February 6. 1851) and while he campaigned in the Third Nepal-Tibel War (1855-56) Appointed Prime Minister when Jang Bahadur resigned (August 1, 1856). Died in office of tuberculosis (May 25, 1857).

14.  Bhakti Thapa:- Born in 1741, Late Bhakti Thapa is knoen as the brave warrior in the Nepalese history. He was born in Lamjuing district. He entered the service if Birmadan Shah, the king of Lamjung. He dedicated himself towards extending the western frontier of Nepal. At that time, the western border of Nepal had extended up to Kumaon, Garhwal. He was deputed to defend the western frontier from the enemy. In the war that started in 1814, he died fighting valiantly with the British for the sake of the motherland.

15.  Bhanu Bhatka Acharya:- A poet. Born in 1814, His adaptation of the Hindu epic, Ramayana, earned him reputation as the greatest literary figure of the Nepali language. Although the events of his life have subsequently been embellished as befits a figure of national stature, he in fact wrote most of his greatest work while imprisoned in Kathmandu because of irregularities in the tax affairs of his estates in the Terai. Died in 1868.

16.  Bhawani Bhikshu:- Known by family name Nohor Ram Gupta, he was born on June 3, 1909. As a novelist and story writer, he made a great contribution to the Nepalses literature. He was conferred with the title of Kulbhyushan for his contribution in Hindi literature. He worked as an editor of Sharada in 1951. He was the director of the Department of Publicity till 1956. He worked as an Academician of Royal Nepal Academy from 1961. Several of his complied works have been published. He received Madan Puraskar (Madam Prize), Sajha Puraskar (Sajha Prize), Tribhuvan Puraskar (Tribhuvan Prize) etc. for his works in Nepalese literature. He died in 1981.  

17.  Bhim Bahadur Pandey:- Sardar Shim Bahadur Pandey was born in 1913. He took initiative to establish banks and cooperatives associating himself with Bijay Shumsher in order to free the poor farmers from compound interest. He is also considered as one of the pioneer diplomats of the country. He died in 1992.

18.   Bhim Dutta Panta:- Son of TaranathPanta, Bhim Dutta Panta was bron in 1926. He passed his SLC. at the age of 15 and went to India for higher studies. He also participated in Indian Independence Movement during his stay there. He became the governor for Mahakali area after the 1950 Revolution. Mr Panta continued to lead anti-feudal movement even after the Revolution. He extreme views were not tolerated by the government. Indian military was called to quell his anti-feudal uprising. He was killed in 1953 during an encounter with his army.

19.  Bhim Narayan Shrestha:- Born in 1936 in Dhankuta District, Bhin Narayan Shrestha was a revolutionary with affiliation with the Nepali Congress Party. He was arrested for his participation in the anti-Panchayat democratic movement. He was accused of trying to assassinate His Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. He was brutally killed in Koshi barrage in 1978.

20.  Bhim Nidhi Tiwari:- Proficient in almost all field of Nepalese literature such as drama, story, poetry, lyrics, essay and novel, this great literateur was born in Kathmandy on March 13, 1912. Clever in addressing the social theme, he had enriched the Nepalese literature by contribution workd like 'Shahanshila Sushila' 'Shilanyas' 'Tarpan' 'Titaura' Masyaura' 'Pandra Prabhand' 'Insaf' and many other literary works. He was awarded and decorated with Madan Puraskar Pradal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu, Ratna Shree medal and many other outstanding contribution to the Nepalese literature. He visited many parts of the world while attending literary conferences abroad. He passed away on June 1, 1973.

21.  Bhim Sen Thapa:- Mukhtiyar. Born between 1771 and 1779 (no accurate date or birth has yet come to light). Accompanied ex-King Ran Bahadur Shah into exile to Beneras (April 1800) where he served as his military secretary. Returned to Kathmandu with him in March 1804 and was appointed a Kaji. Appointed Mukhtiyar when the regent, ex-King Ran Bahadurm was assassainted (April 25, 1806). He was the virtual dictator of Nepal until the death of his powerful projector, the Regent Queen Tripura Sundaru, herself a Thapa (April 1832), after which his hold on government came under increasing challenge. Forced out of his office in July 1837. Imprisoned on the false charge of having poisoned Prince Debendra, the youngest son of King Rajendra (May 18, 1839). Committed suicide in prison (July 28, 1839).

Others will be posted on upcoming posts !! Stay close    

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