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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

14 Membered Squad Announced for WCL Division 3

Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has announced 14 membered squad for the upcoming Pepsi World Cricket League Division 3. 

Pepsi WCL Division 3 will be hosted in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia from 23rd October to 30th October 2014. Initially, ICC has scheduled Division 3 to be hosted in Uganda but visualizing the threat of Ebola Epidemic on the periphery of Uganda, the decision has been amended. 

The 14 membered Nepali Squad comprises !
1. Paras Khadka (C)
2. Gyanendra Malla (VC)
3. Subash Khakurel (WK)
4. Sharad Vesawkar
5. Shakti Prasad Gauchan
6. Basanta Regmi
7. Binod Bhandari
8. Sompal Kami
9. Sagar Pun
10. Mehboob Alam
11. Bhuwan Karki
12. Aarif Sheikh
13. Naresh Budhayer
14. Amrit Bhattarai

In the above listed squad, Amrit Bhattarai is back almost after the year. The last game he played was against Afghanistan at Sharjah on T20 Qualifiers. 

Along with Nepal and the host Malaysia, the teams participating in WCL Division 3 are, Uganda, USA, Bermuda and Singapore. 

Nepal will play its first match against Uganda on 23rd October. 

Top 2 teams will proceed to Division 2, Last 2 will relegate to Division 4 and the rest will remain unchanged after the tournament. 

EPS Korea 2014 Result is Published !

EPS TOPIK Fifth Examination Result is OUT !

The fifth EPS TOPIK Result of the examination held on 2014 is out on 15th October 2014.

To view result Click Here !

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Monday, August 11, 2014

ICC to limit the Regional Cricket Bodies

The ICC will take direct control of all regional cricketing activities across the world by limiting involvement of regional bodies, the ACC CEO Syed Ashraful Huq has said. The cutoff date is the end of 2015, after which the future of bodies like the Asian Cricket Council will be uncertain.
The future tournaments will be in doubt if
the ICC limits the influence of regional bodies
"I think they don't want to abolish the ACC wholly, but minimize the activities," Huq told the BBC Bangla Service. "It is not just the ACC but all the regional bodies - Africa, Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific - which will be directly controlled by the ICC.
"Twenty-one countries, apart from Test-playing countries, from Saudi Arabia to China - we have been working in their development work - coaches, umpiring and other areas of cricket. We have U16, U19, Challenge Cup, Premier Cup, but whether all these will stay or not, I am not really sure.
"[The change] is still in a discussion phase. We have been told unofficially that our activities will continue till the end of 2015. The commercial contract of the ICC will end at that time, so what will happen after that no one really knows. The ACC will remain as an organisation on paper. The headquarters might not stay."
According to Huq, the ICC will do the development work of all non-Test playing nations, as part of their vision to streamline cricket activities across the world. He questioned the Big Three's plan to downsize the global game, and felt that cricket would lose out to other sports. "The ICC is going to directly be in charge of the development work in the non-Test playing nations, something that we have been doing," Huq said. "I don't know what good it will bring by taking out the regional body. In the last World T20, four of the six non-Test playing nations were from Asia. It is the direct result of what we have been doing over the years.
"The ICC is being controlled by three countries - India, Australia and England. What they are saying is that there is no need for so many nations playing cricket. There are ten Test-playing nations and eight or 10 other nations that play cricket, but they feel that spending so much on the others is not bringing the desired results.
"But the fact is that they don't want to run cricket in many countries. I think we should focus on globalisation. Our main competitor is football but if we can't make all countries play cricket, how can we call it a global sport?"
Extract :

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Farewell to Orkut

Orkut is a social networking site owned and operated by Google Inc. About 10 years ago in 24th January 2004, Orkut Buyukkoktens founded Orkut which was later owned and operated under Google Platform. 

"After ten years of sparking conversations and forging connections, we have decided it's time for us to stat saying Goodbye to Orkut." mentioned by Google on different posts, forums and emails. Google engineering director Paul Golgher said in a blog post : "Over the past decade, YouTube, Blogger and Google+ have ten off, with communities springing up in every corner of the world. Because of the growth of these communities has outpaced Orkut's growth, we have decided to bid Orkut farewell. Orkul was the result of a 20 percent project in which Google workers got to spend a fifth of their time on ideas not necessarily related to their job responsibilities."

On 30th June 2014, Google Inc. announced that it will be closing Orkut on 30th September 2014. No new accounts can be created from July 2014 onwards in Orkut. Those who are already the user of Orkut, can export their profile or download all the archives by Google Takeout. 

Orkut was one of the msot visited websites in India and Brazil in 2008. (source Wikipedia). In 2008, Google Inc. handed the operation and management authority of Orkut to Google Brazil, in the city of Belo Horizonte. This was decided due to the large Brazilian user base and growth of legal issues. 

Despite the popularity, and due to many seen and unseen causes, Google Inc. will be closing the famous social networking site viz. Orkut from 30th September 2014 onwards. The departure of Orkut from Google Team is supposed to be boosting the other social networking sites viz. Google Plus, Blogger, and so forth. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nepali Cricket Squad Declared for Close Camp :: Asian Games

Arun Aryal 
Cricket Association of Nepal has declared woman and man's cricket team for close camp with 19 members in each camp. 17th Asia Games is going to be hosted by South Korea from 20th of September to 4th of October 2014. Paras Khadka from men's team and Rubina Chhetri from women's team will lead the Nepali Cricket Team.

Pubudu Dassanayke, whose tenure has been extended by 1 years by the cabinet meeting won't be coaching the squad this time. CAN had announced the name of Arun Aryal as the National Coach during the Asian Games.

Aryal, who will be coaching the current squad for the Asian Games had the experience of coaching Nepal Army team. Under this guidance, Nepal army have won the Senior Level Domestic T20 title.

Following are the name of the players who will be competing to secure the place in the final squad from men's and women's national representatives!

Men's Close Camp :
1.  Paras Khadka
2. Gyanendra Malla
3. Sharad Vesawkar
4. Subash Khakurel
5. Shakti Gauchan
6. Sagar Pun
7. Sompal Kami

Friday, July 18, 2014

Malaysian Airlines' Jet Crash in East Ukraine (Photo Feature)

Malaysian Airlines' Jet MH17 carrying 295 people has crashed on East Ukrane's Conflict Zone on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur.

This is the second disaster suffered by Malaysian Airlines after the flight MH370 is still out of contact since it has disappeared on Last March on the way to China from Malaysia.

Some of the pictures of the accident available over the internet have been collected and placed below !

Crash Site

Flight MH17 leaving Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, on Thursday afternoon

Monday, June 30, 2014

LIVE Streaming of FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil

Mikasha Station offers smooth live playback of ongoing Global Football Event viz. FIFA World Cup 2014 hosted by Brasil.

The LIVE is streamed on Mikasha TV page of this blog.

Click on the link below to watch the LIVE Streaming of World Cup Matches !

The Streaming windows will sometime show some ads. Ads can be closed by clicking on x button that appears somewhere on the ad after sometime.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bimal Gharti Magar to Join European Anderlecht FC

Bimal Gharti Magar, who had a short stint with Belgian Club Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht (RSCA) has been called back for a longer stay and will leave for Europe on 20th of July.

Kathmandu - Nepal National Football Team striker Bimal Gharti Magar has received one year long business recruitment in Anderlecht FC of Belgium. Gharti Magar had played with the club from last two months from the same club where he has done excellent goal making moves which has left the big impression to the club. As a result, he has received the telephone about his recruitment in Anderlecht FC for one year.

According to the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) statement, Bimal will not play official matches for the team due to his age. As per the FIFA rule, the player below 18 years of age cannot play official matches. But Magar will be in the team and gain experience for his future. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Free .np Domain Registration

Mikasha Station will serve the internet user of Nepal by helping them to register the domain for free. 

Mecantile Group, from the very beginning in Nepal has been providing the domain .np for free targeted to all the Nepali Citizens, Nepali Companies, Schools and offices. Registering the domain takes some procedure
Mikasha Station || Introducing Free Domain Registration
and different conditions to fulfill, which may be a burden to a common people who are unaware about the procedure. 

Targeted to those community, Mikasha Station will now teach and make them perfect to register the domain for free so that they will also be able to provide this service to other people, ultimately helping Nepal to bring in the competitive world of internet. 

There are certain terms and conditions in our services that apply to all the people. Beside those terms and condition, there are also the additional requirements that is must for all the people before proceeding for free .np Domain registration. We have mentioned them below; 

Requirements : 
1. For a person, he/she should have Nepali Citizenship provided by Government of Nepal. and For the institute(company, school, office), it should be registered under Nepal Government and should have fulfilled all the necessary documents viz. PAN and others. 
2. The Domain name that the person or any institute wants must match to his/her name in citizenship(in case of persons) or to the name of institute (in case of institute). 

Terms and Conditions* : 
1. For an individual, he/she should submit all the necessary documents. This applies to institute too. 
2. In case of institute, it should have fulfilled all the legal registration process so that it must be legally recognized by the popular constitution of Nepal. 
3. Registering the Domain will not be charged by Mikasha Station.
4. Domain Registration may take one months of time in maximum or more or less than that. 
5. If you want the domain to be hosted in the server after the completion of registration, then we may apply affordable cost after sufficient negotiations between both parties.
*Terms and Conditions will apply. 

For any more inquiries, please refer to our official facebook page or email us at 

Thank You ! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Add Facebook Like button on Blogspot Posts !

Here are the steps about how to add facebook like button below every posts written on blogspot. Adding facebook like button aids to publicize the blog to some extent. For any queries, post the comments on the comment box of blog rather than that of facebook or you may contact to our official facebook page.

Step 1 : Go To Blogger Dashboard> Template >Edit HTML

Then you will get the codes of the entire blog.

STEP 2 : Click on the codes and search (Ctrl + F) for <data:post.body/>

Saturday, March 8, 2014

ICC World T20 2014, Bangladesh - LIVE STREAMING

ICC World T20 2014, is going to be featured in Bangladesh this year from 16th of March. The inaugurating match of the tournament will be between Bangladesh and Afghanistan at Dhaka at 0930 GMT || 15:15 NST. 

Mikasha Station, from the very beginning have been webcasting the important cricket events of Nepal as per the wish of millions of Nepali Cricket Lovers as well as per the wish of cricket lovers from around the globe. 

Click the LINK BELOW to goto MIKASHA TV to access LIVE VIDEO WEBCASTING of WorldT20 2014. 

You can even follow our live newsfeed regarding the score updates and various happening of World T20 from our official facebook page - Mikasha Station and also from the Cricketing Page - Nepali Cricket Team. 

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mehboob Alam's 10 Wickets History :

Mehboob Alam, the Nepali Cricket Legend,  is the earliest bowler to take all 10 wickers within limited overs in an ODI match. This world record was registered in his name when Nepal stunned Mozambique on 25th May 2008 during World Cricket League Division 5 Group A matches played at Grainville, St. Saviour (neutral venue)

Nepal Vs Mozambique, WCL Div 5, 2008 season :: SUMMARY

Mehboob Alam; From his official Facebook Profile
Mozambique, winning the toss choose to field first. Nepali Squad was invited to bat on the first inning. Nepal made the total 238/7 off 50 overs at 4.76 RPO. Gyanendra Malla contributed 71 off 152 balls, Paras Khadka 44 off 55 balls, Shakti Gauchan 34 off 89 balls, Mehboob Alam 23 off 25 balls played and so on  by the other players. 

On the interesting second inning of the match, Mozambique was stunned by the outstanding bowling action of Mehboob Alam who took all the 10 wickets within the small sctotal 19 runs). Kaleem Shah scored 9 runs and Shoaib Younis scores 2 runs. Beside these 2 played none were able to score a single run. This inning lasted for 14.5 overs where Alam bowled for 7.5 overs with 1 MAIDEN, 12 RUNS and 10 WICKETS. Alam took 4 LBWs, 5 OUT and a CAUGHT behind. 
ore of just 11 runs plus 8 extra (


Thursday, February 27, 2014

सुशील कोइराला .... मेरा केहि शब्दहरु !!

सुशील कोइराला नेपाली राजनीतिमा खाचो परेका महत्त्वपूर्ण नेतृत्व मध्यका एक हुन् | यस पछाडी मलाई लागेका कारणहरु यस प्रकार छन् |

सुशील कोइराला अविवाहित भएकाले र प्रधानमन्त्रीजस्तो उच्च तहमा पुगिसकेको मात्र नभई राजनीतिक जीवनयात्राको पनि चरम बिन्दुमा पुगेको हुनाले उनका बाकी स्वार्थहरू नभएको कुरालाई पत्याउन सजिलो मात्र हुने होइन, उनको वास्तबमा अन्य व्यक्तिगत स्वार्थ छैन जस्तो लाग्छ | आजसम्म नेपाली नेतृत्मा आएका जो कोहि भन्द पनि राम्रो छबी बनाउने खुबी राख्ने कोइराला नेपाल सरकारको प्रमुख हुनु वास्तबमा नेपालीहरुको लागि बिशेष खुसि एबम बिशाल आशाको कुरा हो यस अर्थमा कि नेपालका अन्य प्रधानमन्त्रीको तुलनामा उनको नेतृत्वबाट देशले राम्रै फाइदा उठाउन सक्ने देखिन्छ |

नातै नाताको जालोमा बाधिएको मान्छे प्रधानमन्त्रीजस्तो गरिमामय पदमा पुग्दा देशले भन्दा उक्त परिवारले मात्र फाइदा उठाएको इतिहासलाई चिर्ने अबसरको रुपमा पनि सुशील कोइरालाको प्रधानमन्त्रीकाललाई व्याख्या गर्न सकिने कुरामा कुनै अत्युक्ति नहोला |

सरकार गठनमा ढिलाई हुनु पछाडी नदेखिएका बाह्य कारणहरुलाई आगामी दिनमा नेपाली राजनीतिबाट हटाउनु जरुरि छ | नेपाल सरकारलाई बार्गेनिङको अड्डा बनाउने जति प्रयासहरु देखिए. यस्ता प्रयासलाई निष्कृय बनाउनु आजको आवश्यकता हो |

बैदेशिक हस्तक्षेपको सधै व्यवहारिक विपक्षमा रहने कोइरालालाई सबैले चिन्नु जरुरि छ | विचार बोकेको मान्छे कहिल्यै बुढो नहुने सत्यलाई सबै युवावर्गले बुज्नु जरुरि छ | परिवारबिना दशकौको यात्रा त्यो पनि राजनीतिक यात्रा गर्नु सामान्य कुरो हुदै होइन | त्याग अनि समर्पणको जीवनयात्राको क्रममा नेपाल सरकारको नेतृत्व गर्ने अवसर प्राप्त गर्न पुगेका सुशील कोइरालालाई सफल कार्यकालको लागि शुभकामना सहित बधाई दिन चाहन्छु | अन्ततः, समयमै सबैलाई सम्बोधन हुने खालको संबिधान जारी गर्न कोइराला सरकार सफल रहोस भन्ने सुभेच्छा प्रकट गर्न चाहन्छु |

जय नेपाल !!

शरद काफ्ले
गैडाकोट, नवलपरासी

हाल,  ललितपुर

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

High Facilitated Public Bus Launched in Pokhara ||

New Buses In Pokhara Launched Recently 
From 13th Falgun, (26th February), high standard buses with advanced facilities has been started in different routes of Pokhara Sub Metropolitan Municipality. Pokhara Bus Business Committee has launched the advanced 17 buses with GPS, CCTV and LED built in it. 

The committee had claimed that, this type of bus service is launched for the first time in Nepal. Each bus costs Rs, 40 lakhs, said Mahaprasad Subedi, Committe Chief. 

Currently 251 buses are operating in Pokhara under the Bus Business Committee. It is targeted to replace all those buses with this type of advanced buses in very near future. Pokhara City, in Nepal has the most managed Bus Routes System. The inauguration of these types of modern buses will surely add plus point to the natural beauty of Pokhara. The buses are said to be environment friendly as well as passenger friendly. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ncell to Invest in Nepali Cricket || Ncell NPL

The biggest Private Telecommunication Provider Network, Ncell, multinational brand, has been investing a lot in Nepali Football has shown the interest for the investment in Nepali Cricket. 

In Today's Press Information, Zohra Sports Management (ZSM) and Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) agreed to start Nepal Premier League(NPL) with the title sponsorship of Ncell. The tournament will start from April to May. 2014. At a press conference held in Hotel Radisson this afternoon both parties agreed to introduce the tournament for three years.

Nepal Premier League(NPL) of this season will comprise 6 teams participating from different sectors of Nepal. The team will comprise the players beyond the national teams too. According to the today's press release, the following six groups will be comprising the first Ncell Nepal Premier League starting probably after few months. 

1. Tej, Panchakanya Group (Captain : Sharad Vesawakar)
2. Colors X Factor, Teletalk Pvt. Ltd (Captain : Gyanendra Malla)
3. Bishal Group Warriors, Bishal Group (Captain : Paras Khadka)
4. Kantipur Gorkhas, Kantipur Publication (Captain : Basanta Regmi)
5. Jagdamba Gaints, Shankar Group (Captain : Shakti Gauchan)
6. Sagarmatha Legends, Ghorahi Cement (Captain : Binod Bhandari)

NCELL NPL :: Logo Released
Three different formats of crickets will be organized viz. T20, 50 overs and 2 days format. Prize money under Ncell NPL includes the following; 
 * T20 Tournament  :: WINNER - Rs. 200,000, RUNNER UP - Rs. 100,000
 * 50 over Tournament :: WINNER - Rs. 200,000, RUNNER UP - Rs. 100,000
 * Two-Days Format :: WINNER - Rs.150,000, RUNNER UP - Rs. 75,000

Meanwhile the cricket players in different games within the tournament with be provided with cash prizes. According to the organizers, match fees are categorizes as-
 * Rs.5000 per match to the caption of each team
 * Rs.2500 per match to the star crickets
 * Rs.1000 per match to U-19/Regional cricketers

Sunday, February 23, 2014

World Journey Begins in Nepali Cricket :: World T20 2014

Nepal, being economically backward, politically unstable but one of the naturally popular nation of the world is now being popular as the world cup nation in T20 Cricket World. Cricket is the game having majorities of asian nations. Among those, now the number of south asian team has boosted up resulting their presence as the major presence in the upcoming world T20 event which is scheduled to inaugurate in Bangladesh this year in March. 

ICC World T20 will begin on March 16, with two starting matches off the day. The Inaugurating match will be between the host Bangladesh and the rising nation Afghanistan. The match is scheduled on Dhaka at 0930 HR GMT || 15:15 NST. On the same day, the next match is scheduled on Chittagong where another rising south asian nation Nepal will compete with the next star nation HongKong. 
Nepal's First Match Against HongKong !

Match between Nepal and HongKong will start at 1330 GMT || 19:15 NST. Nepal, placed in Group A of the Round 1 will play 3 matches before being able to qualify for the next round. After the completion of the first match on 16th March. The others will be as follow:

Bangladesh Vs Nepal at Chittagong :: 18th March || 19:15 NST
Afghanistan Vs Nepal at Chittagong :: 20th March || 15:15 NST 

Coincidently, Nepal's all matches will be on the same venue. These matches will be played on Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong. 

Nepal, participating the world event of T20I, is one of the tournament favorites. Excercised with the perfect coach Pubudu Dassanayake, Nepal Cricket Team will be playing with full spirit for the ultimate goal. 

All The Best for #NepalCricketTeam. 

We are doing our best to make the LIVE WEBCATING of this event over this blog and also through our registered site which will be able to run on low bandwidth internet. Until then, Stay Updated with the latest happenings in the international cricket world, Now with the cricketing page of Mikasha Station || Nepali Cricket Team 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nepal Fails to Qualify for ODI World Cup !

The Points Table of recently held Group Stage matches of ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2014. It reveals the most disappointing state of Nepal in overall matches. The overall match performances of Nepal was not seen as it was expected to be. Nepal, which has been one of the tournament favorites can't perform the magic as it did during ICC division 3, matches where it lost first 2 matches but ended the tournament with title by winning all of the remaining matches. With almost the same squad for this time, no magic was seen. Even the normal performance wasn't traced out.

And, after all the dream to participate in World Cup 2015 wasn't able to transform into reality. Although, Nepal will be playing T20 World Cup in 2014 at Bangladesh.

Hope, T20 World Cup Event will put soothing balm on all the Nepali Supporters. May this event be able to restore the hope and energy for the next opportunity.

All The Best Nepali Cricket Team !!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nepal to take UAE on the first match of Qualifiers 2014

After two important official warm ups of ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers 2014 in New Zealand, Nepal, placed in Group A will play its first match against UAE at Rangiora. United Arab Emirates is taken as the strong team among the associates whereas Nepal has been the rising group of south Asia, recently secured its position is T20 World Cup. 

Following will be the final squad of Nepali Team for the match against UAE;
Nepal Vs UAE || Photo, Mikasha Station

1. Anil Mandal
2. Mahesh Chhetri
3. Sagar Pun
4. Gyanendra Malla
5. Paras Khadka
6. Sharad Veswakar
7. Binod Bhandari
8. Basanta Regmi
9. Shakti Gautam
10. Jitendra Mukhiya
11. Sompal Kami

Paras is declared for the upcoming matches who wasn't in the field during the practice matches and warm ups. Meanwhile Subash Khakurel is given rest because he was discharged yesterday from hospital because of viral fever. Subash, Prithu, Pradeep and Avinash will be on bench during this match. 

Friday, January 3, 2014


The Result of Scholarship Examination held on 2070-09-13 by Ministry of Education, Nepal is published today. Securing 100.3450 marks, Bikash Yadav is on the top of the Merit list.

Complete Merit List can be downloaded on the link addressed below :

Mikasha's Search Engiene