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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

World and terrorism afterwards..

Bin Laden and Twin Towe (9/11)
After a decade long successful murder of Osama Bin Laden, several questions has been arose from all around the future of the world. The death of a person has been enough to create revolutionary feeling on terrorists of the world. The members of Taliwan and Al-Queda are roaming all round the world giving their revengeful speech threatening the peace, security and humanity in of the world.
The so called powerhouse of the world, USA, is not more unsecured after the demise of Bin Laden. It is because the death of a person is not the rehabilitation of the peace and security. Numerous supporters if Laden would arise in the world against the murderer of him. It is the fact that when a person dies in revolution thousands of people arise in the street for success.
Say No to Terrorism
Bin Laden who as also a civil engineer, has empowered Al-Queda’s with all the required infrastructures, technologies and manpowers so that in the days to come, it would be more powerful in the absence of him. His desire of defeating USA has been the vow and commitment of every members of not only Al-Queda but also of several others underground organizations.
In this critical situation, it is clever for USA to sit on chair for conversation and understandings. The root of terrorism which is strong itself should be uprooted that can’t be made through murder and fighting. So being a umbrella nation it must play a crucial role for the world peace and security.
This type of situation in the days to come if not improved may broke out into third world war but no civilized mind want this consequence. So, before the worse condition the perfect steps must be launched from all around. The fusion should be made between the world and terrorism by elimination all the anti-humane activities of terrorists. Then only we can talk about our future.
Otherwise, no one knows if there exists his/her future or not.


  1. There are no terrorists in this world,unless we create them.The US created Bin Laden.He there4 decided 2 target the US.Im not a muslim,and am xtremely disturbed at how muslims are treated.


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