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Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Internet TV from Mikasha Station !! Watch us

Mikasha Station has successfully launched its first internet TV broadcasting channel over the internet. Now we will do our best to broadcast the wanted and hoped events of Nepal and the world.

Especially focusing on Nepali cricket and Football plus other sports we will pace ahead.

Support us ! We will explore more and more..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visit Lumbini ..

The Master plan of Lumbini is extended in 3 sq. miles. It is divided into The Sacred Garden, Monastic Zone and New Lumbini Village. 

Lumbini has yearly change in its internal organization. There are number of building constructed yearly. So, visit of Lumbini doesn't recall the past, rather it provides new taste of Lumbini. There are many fascinating building built of different countries from the world to respect the Buddhism. So, Lumbini is the best platform to study the architect of different orgins. The Museum just reformed is also the centre of attraction. The visit, thus is the must. 

Myanmar Monastry built by Myanmar (Estd : 1993)

Nepal Lumbini Visit Year - 2012

Mikasha Station will bring lots of fascinating structures within Lumbini. 
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