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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Connect internet from Ncell to PC

After the frequent inquiry of many visitors I have published a small post with an information regarding the GPRS provided by NCELL to connect directly to computer so that easy browsing could be done.

Follow the following steps to be connected to Internet from Ncell to PC.
Steps are exactly copied according to Windows XP's format:

Step 1:- Go to Start > Settings > Control panel > Phone and Modems options
Step 2:- On the Modems tab, select your modem, and press Properties
Step 3:- On the Advanced tab, you need to enter string in Extra initialization commands.
This initialization string will need to be entered as:
Step 4:- Now, Go to the Networking section of the Control Panel and
Goto Start > Settings > Control panel > Network
Step 5:- Select Create a new connection Press Next
Step 6:- Select Connect to the internet
Step 7:- Select choose from the list of internet service providers(ISPs)
Press Finish
Step 8:- Goto online services folder which will open immediately when you you will
click Finish if it does not and Open then search it. Now click on Refer me to
more Internet Service Providers which is on Online Services Folder
Step 9:- Select current modem = your phone device Press Next
Step 10:- Enter Number to dial = *99***1# Now click Next you're Done

Comment to about this process whether it is working or not. If not I will search for further steps.

Thank You! Enjoy....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

नटुटाेस् र नफुटाेस् .... A national poem by Mikasha

A Poem by Sharad Kafle "Mikasha"
Type            : National Type Poem
Language     : Nepali
Requirement :  Unicode of Nepali/Hindi Language

गणतन्त्र नेपाल हेर छ उज्यालाे मात्र िदनमा
अध्याराे रातभिर छ याे िवद्ुत संकटकालमा
देशमा ठूलाे प्याकेज ल्याउँछु भन्छन् नेता द्वेय
१० बर्षमा १०,००० िवद्धुत िबजुली उत्पादन हुन्छ रे

बाेल्ने मुखकाे काम हाे, बाेल्याे जनताले सुने
त्यही बाेलाइकै भरमा िहजाे ठूलाे मतदान गरे
कहाँकाे काँग्रेस कहाँ माअाेवादी कहाँ एमाले
एक मधेश एक प्रदेश अडान िलयाे फाेरमले

एकै कम्युिनष्ट पार्टी िथयाे टुिक्रयाे १२ भन्दा बढी
गणातन्त्र ल्याउँछु भन्छन् अाउँछ त्याे कसरी
ठूलाे भनीएकाे पार्टी अाज प्रितपक्ष हाे
जनअान्दाेलन २ काे भावना खै कता उल्मलीयाे

जनता जनताकाे संयाेजनबाट बनेकाे छ देश याे
सत्ताधारी सम्पूर्ण दललाइ बुजाउनुपर्छ एउटा कुराे
देश भन्नु जनता हुन् जनताकाे साथ टुट्ला है
१४ अञ्चल ७५ िजल्लाकाे नेपाल फुट्ला है

तर, पृथ्वीनारायण शाहले फेरी िलन नपराेस् जन्म
िदगाे शािन्त छाअाेस् नेपालमा युगाैँयुग सम्म


देश भन्नु जनता हुन् जनताकाे साथ नटुटाेस्

१४ अञ्चल ७५  िजल्लाकाे नेपाल नफुटाेस्

Copyright, Sharad Kafle "Mikasha"

For the convienience I have uploaded the poem in the form of PNG formatted image. You comment had assist to to upgrade the publication.

Waiting for comments.....No other than Mikasha...

Thank You!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I should Know that?

Yes, About NEPAL TOURISM YEAR - 2011....
It is the fact that Nepal is again welcoming the best wishers all around the world to visit the Nepal for next.

First of all as a Nepali Citizen I would like to welcome all the visitors of this page for Nepal Tourism Year - 2011.

"Together for Tourism" is the slogan of the Nepal Tourism Year (NTY) - 2011.

Logo of NTY - 2011
Visit Nepal - 2011

About Nepal:
Nepal is the small and naturally enormous country of South Asia situated between two Gaint China and India. Nepal has been one of the historically active and successfull nation in whole Asia. During the rule

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

About Me----Mikasha...

Take some information regarding Sharad Kafle "Mikasha".

This is My photograph taken in 2010 A.D. when i was studying in Grade 10.

At First:
My name in reality is Sharad Kafle followed by "Mikasha" as nickname. is my first blog/webpage published ever. I have published this page in order to give in quick information regarding the various events that takes place in day to day life.

My Current:
I am the student of Grade 10. Since I am studying in Grade 10 of Nepali Government I have to make myself prepared from the IRON GATE (SLC Examination). Due to which I have not given much more emphasis of this page though I desire.

My Other E-Address.
Furthermore, I have involved myself in the another social networking blog provider OPERA where I have created another page as this with the address There are something in that page which I have not involved here so this can be another important page in Internet from where my friends can absorb more and more knowledge.

AIM in My Life:
While talking about my Aim, To be a great Leader of the nation/world is my ultimate aim. It is beacause I am serious regarding the political instability of my Nation.

I like myself to enjoy the blog and other social networking sites as well as to extract more and more information from the world of Internet.

Thank You!

It's all for now. More updates will be given later in the days to come.

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