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Friday, July 29, 2011

Nepal Kept the Prestige and Got the Victory :::

It is not the post except the event of 28th July, 2011. The day for Nepali sports where two international most important events were carried out, one in home country and another in Ireland. 

Home match of FIFA World Cup Selection, as a second leg against Jordan was held in Kathmandu @ Dasarath National Stadium with the Full Nepali Supporters of 16,000 +. Though the Stadium have capacity of 15,000 supporters, 1000 more Nepali entered the Stadium in that rainy climate to support their Team. 

First leg was most disappointing for Nepal, cause it lost that match by 9-0, which was most shameful result. Thus, the second leg at it's home was thought to be even worse but Nepali Players, showed their best performance and stunned the Jordan's Players upto 65 minutes with no goals from both sides. But a goal was added by both sides after the completion of 65th minutes, initially by Jordan and then by Nepal. The Match finally remained draw in second leg. Nepali kept their prestige by stopping the highly ranked Jordan from victory.

Nepal played the opening match of WCC U-19, Qualification Round with Afghanistan on Ireland with some Non-Resident Nepalese -Ireland's Supporters. NRN-Ireland provided quick feedback of the match to the supporters of Nepal. Really the collaboration of NRN-Ireland and  Resident Nepalese-Nepal was awesome on Social Networking Media (FACEBOOK). That collaboration enabled to break the score and to remain updated. No page of Nepali sports was an exception of wishes, comments, post regarding that CRICKET. 

Last time on E-lite Cup, Nepal was stopped to seize the trophy by Afghanistan. So, this match was most revengeful match for Nepal to take revenge against Afghanistan for the previous defeat. Finally, the 50-over match with was not played completely by both teams was amazingly defeated by Nepal. Though Afghanistan was supposed to chase the score of 155 in a short time with few loss of wickets, it became very hard nut to crack for them even to touch the century. And it lost it's all wickets with an aggregate score of 112/10. 

This created a new history in Nepali Crickets in International Arena. And the world Cup is not far from Nepali Cricketers because for their excellent performance in Cricket. Not only the Cricket, but also the Footballers of Nepali must be empowered cause, they stopped the powerful opponent in draw. This will be improved with an ease if the Coach desires, Footballers desires, desire of International Stadium is fulfilled soon by Nepal Government. 

And Very Very Congratulation to all the Nepalese !!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

नेपालको प्रशंसनीय प्रदर्शन (फोटो फिचर)

Nepal Vs Jordan : Second Leg @ Kathmandu

Second leg match of Nepal vs Jordan held recently on Kathmandu, Nepal at Dasarath National Stadium was the most romantic match to watch. The match was widely broadcasted over internet. This facilities is widely praised which was much more criticized on first leg live broadcasting.

Though 9-0 loss of Nepal was most disappointing result for Nepal, it protected its' prestige against Jordan in its second leg by stopping the Jordan with draw results. Yes, the match became draw by 1-1 goal from each side.

In aggregate, Jordan won the series by 10-1 and reached the next round of FIFA - 2014, Brazil qualification round. In the upcoming round it will meet the head nations of ASIA. and the victory of Jordan against those country will make them successful to appear in the upcoming world-cup.

Thank You!
And Congratulation To Jordan !!!! Best of luck for another match !!
Congratulation to Nepal too !!!! for keeping their prestige ..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Streaming Live Score Updates :: Cricket

Get the streaming Live Updates of Crickets :: From Nepal

Mikasha's Station will provide all the Nepali Cricket lovers, the live streaming updates of scores of every matches that Nepal plays on the process of U-19 World cup. Stay Tuned :: Stay Raw

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The world won't be world anymore ::

I don't think that the word "WORLD" is vague, vast, enormous and lengthy to travel around. For the person who are surfing this page, in my point of view aren't beyond the any corners of the world. I think no one is there among the visitor who are unable to know about their unknown topics. It is because, all the internet users who knows to run net on their supporting devices can get anything they desire from the pages over net. 

Not a computer, but a hand held device is enough of a person to surf the world. The facilities of Maps by Google, Bing, etc has enabled to view every corner of the world from different angles. A lost internet user can find his/her way via this technology. No person in the world will be unfamiliar with any corner of the world.. 

If anyone asked about Gaidakot, then Google Maps will direct to the point, shows the path and even trace out the important buildings. The talk is not only related to maps, but with all the possible things, incidents, informations, etc which would be very hard to find out in the absence of Internet. No one could read this article, no one in the world could run FACBOOK, etc if there was no technology of communication. Thus, is our pride to be the part of the Virtual World. 

Globalizing World
Yes, the Virtual World, me from the corner of Nepal, can chat with the person sitting on Kenya. I can comment the article written by Afgani, I can do video/voice call with messengers and boarden the personal and social networking. The past was totally different. A person about 100 yrs ago haven't thought about this, but the desire, the convention leads to the consequence at present. 

And this is what "GLOBALIZATION" meant by. Today we can rotate around the corners of world as spinning the small globe in the desk. We can reach the house location in a second with high speed internet as we spin the GLOBE with our hand. You are reading this article, and this is globalization. I would not publish this post, you would not read this article, can't comment me, if and only if there was no GLOBALIZATION. 

Thus, this services has revolutionized the WORLD's layout, and the then world is not the world at present. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

28th July- [War of Prestige and Victory] :: Nepal

Nepali Football
After the most shameful loss of first leg against Jordan in Amman International Stadium, Jordan Nepal will be playing its second leg of victory or prestige on 28th July at Dasarath National Stadium, Kathmandu. Nepal will be in big pressure for winning the home match against Jordan either for victory or satisfaction. For the victory, Nepal have to perform the most outstanding performance which will be impossible at current prediction. But to save the face of Nepal, Players must do their best on adding their goals and stopping the goals to be added on Opponents account. 

Nepali Cricket
On the same day, Nepali U-19 Cricketers' will give their opening match performance in Ireland against Afganistan, which is supposed to be the powerful hostile among the nations participating. Nepali cricketers with appreciable Ranking in Globe and Asia are well confident for Finals but the Cricket is unpredictable game and depends upon every possible things viz. Luck, Favour and Chance. Increasing cricket craze of Nepalese are boosting up the confident level of players. The pressure and wishes are seen in thousands of numbers in social networking sites and blogs too. 

Thus the two international matches on 28th July will declare the Nepalese prestige on International Sports at the same time on both Cricket and Football. The most awaited event which will bring huge level of hope for the lovers of Cricket and Football will be the most significant matches ever because both matches are going to be played for the qualification of World Cups (of both Football and Cricket). 

Mikasha's Stations grants the enormous wishes for both Footballers and Cricketers from Nepal and opponents too. 

U-19 World Cup Qualification ::: ............. Vs Nepal

Mikasha's Station proudly claims after the wide supports from Nepali Sports lovers and other all around the world to give the most streaming Update of upcoming International Cricket Event of Nepal.

International Cricket Council (ICC) has already decided to scrap the format from next year, this will be the final opportunity for these 10 nations — two each from five continents — to make it to the ICC event through qualifiers.
Nepal are preparing for the 10-team round robin qualifiers under coach Jagat Tamata. Top six nations will make it to the ICC U-19 World Cup to be held in 2012.
After the match against Afghanistan, Nepal will face Scotland the next day. Nepal will play against Kenya on June 31 before facing Vanuatu on August 1. Nepal are scheduled to take on Canada on August 3 before playing three back-to-back matches against Namibia, Ireland and Papua New Guinea from August 5. Nepal will wrap up the campaign with a match against the United States of America on August 9.

Nepal’s fixtures for the tournament:

Nepal have already picked a 18-member squad under the captaincy of Prithu Baskota, who led the team to runner-up finish in the U-19 Elite Cup behind Afghanistan in Thailand earlier this year.

• July 28 vs Afghanistan
• July 29 vs Scotland
• July 31 vs Kenya
• August 1 vs Vanuatu
• August 3 vs Canada
• August 5 vs Namibia
• August 6 vs Ireland
• August 7 vs PNG
• August 9 vs USA

Source : 

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Highlights of First Leg Match (Nepal Vs Jordan)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Final Score :: First Leg Nepal Vs Jordan

Jordan played the monotones game in every minute of the both halves. Consequently, Nepal lost the match by 9-0. Nepal's strategy against highly ranked Jordans failed in their home country. Jordan won the home match against Nepal with outstanding goal difference. This goal difference will be the biggest burden for Nepali footballer to tackle in the Second Leg.

The Second Leg between Jordan and Nepal will be hosted by Nepal in Dasarath National Stadium, Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepali footballer must be oriented in a way that they must either win the game or decrease the aggregate goal difference. 6000+ Nepali supporters in Amman International Stadium went sad but haven;t lost the hope. In other part of the game more than 15000+ Jordanis celebrated their outstanding goal performance throughout the game period.

Summary (First Leg Nepal Vs Jordan)
INDEX : 10' -> 10 minute 
              : [1 - 0] Jordan - Nepal
              : H.A Mahmoud - Goal Scorer
10' [1 - 0] H.A. Mahmoud 
23' [2 - 0] A. Deeb 
32' [3 - 0] A. Hayel 
45' [4 - 0] A.A. Deeb 
57' [5 - 0] A. Deeb 
68' [6 - 0] A. Hayel 
74' [7 - 0] H.A. Mahmoud 
84' [8 - 0] H.A. Mahmoud
89' [9 - 0] Mahmoud Hasan

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Live Streaming of Nepal Vs Jordan First Leg

FIFA World Cup 2014 (Logo)
The most awaited event for crore of people from Nepal and Jordan is the first clash between their countries on second league for World Cup-2014 qualification round. Nepal ranked 148th in FIFA and Jordan ranked 83rd in FIFA is going to give the most wonderful match ever in the history of FIFA. Nepali football Coach Roberts who has 35 yrs experience on English Football is well confident for Gurkhali Boys to give their latent possibility against Jordan. Similarly, the coach from Jordan is also well confident for their victory against Nepal. The rank of Nepal which is very below the Jordan's might have boost up the confident of Jordans but the Gurkhalis can make the result very unknown upto the eleventh hour. 

Nepal thunderous match against North Korea had strengthen the image of Nepali football in world arena. Energetic footballers and supporters from Nepal can be the hard nut to crack for Jordans though they are superior to Nepal in FIFA ranking. Jordan has the challenge to defeat their inferior country as well as to save their face. In contrast to this, Nepali are empowered by all the techniques required to tackle any sort of opponent in the field. Nepali team which also comprises international level of players deserves the maximum potentiality of victory against Jordan. 

Time : 9:45 pm (Nepali), 7:00 pm (Jordan)
This fire match between Jordan and Nepal will be boardcasted through several medias. The facebook users can get the frequent update via: . Those who are not using Facebook can visit the official website of or just click here.

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Wishing for the most romantic football match between the hostiles. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Roberts (Nepali Coach) expects for favourable output: (Nepal Vs Jordan)

Nepali Players in Amman, Jordan

"A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty," former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had said this during World War II. 

Though it´s not World War II, Nepal has made it to the second round of the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers for the first time in its football history and is ready to face strong opponent Jordan in its away match on Thursday. Jordan, ranked 84th in the FIFA rankings, is 64 spots above Nepal, ranked 148. The first leg is scheduled to he held on Saturday. 

In First Round Nepal has defeated East Timor 7-1 in aggregate in home ground. 

Nepal´s national football coach Graham Roberts is very much optimistic about his side putting up its best performance despite all odds. "I have hoped either for a goalless draw or a win," Roberts said, "The score in the first leg will be very close."

There are many other differences between the two sides besides the rankings too. Targeting the World Cup Qualifiers, Jordan has played four friendly matches over the last two weeks. It won 4-0 against Yemen and defeated Iraq 5-4 in penalty shootout, while it lost 3-1 to Syria and was defeated 4-3 on penalties by Saudi Arabia.Nepal, on the other hand, completed the domestic league earlier on Saturday and so had just four days for preparations. But the coach did not complain about it. "Now we should look at the future and make plans accordingly. The past is already gone and we should look into the future to qualify for the group stage."However, the 52-year old Briton does take the huge gap in ranking very lightly. "There will be 11 players against 11 in the field and a coach against a coach. And the ranking is nothing," said the coach who referred to the recent Copa America quarterfinal match match between fifth ranked Brazil and 32nd ranked Paraguay to prove his point. In the match, Paraguay had won 2-0 in penalty shootout following a goalless stalemate in regulation time.He said the Nepali players have improved a lot in all aspects. "I am here for the football team, the country and the [ANFA) president (Ganesh Thapa) to win the trophy," shared Roberts.Regarding the Jordan team, the former English international said, "Jordan has a very lively and strong team. We should work hard from the very first minute, but I am not afraid of them and we are going there to win the match."He also dismissed Jordan coach Adnan Hamad´s claim who has rated Nepal as weaker than all the teams they have played in recent friendlies. Roberts said he would show Hamad his mettle after the match."My players are fantastic and they are 110 percent fit and everyone is looking forward to a victory," Roberts said, adding, "We should closely examine how the opponents play in the first leg and exploit their weaknesses at home in second leg."The second leg will be held at the Dasharath Stadium on June 28.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nepal Vs Jordan : Teams Detail

Nepal and Jordan are meeting for the first time and hoping to get through next round of World Cup when they meet in home and away matches later this month. Jordan might be a tough call for Nepal but one thing common in both teams is they have lost only one match played in last seven matches.

Here are Head to Head of Jordanians and Gorkhalians:

FIFA Ranking:
Nepal (148) Vs Jordan(83)

Highest Ranking
Nepal  (124) in Dec 1993
Jordan (37) in July 2004

Lowest Ranking
Nepal (188) in Feb. 2008
Jordan (152) in July 1998

Football Governing Body
All Nepal Football Association (ANFA)
Jordan Football Association (JFN)

World Cup Appearances:
Nepal : Never Qualified
Jordan : Never Qualified

Asian Cup Appearances:
Nepal : Never Qualified
Jordan : 2004 and 2011 (quarter final for both times)

Nepal Last Seven Matches
East Timor (twice), Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Uzbekistan

Jordan Last Seven Matches
Korea DPR, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Uzbekistan

Nepal: Graham Roberts, Former England International
Jordan: Adnan Hamad, Former Iraq International

Biggest Win
Nepal 7-0 Bhutan (1999)
Jordan Macau 13-0 (2006)

Biggest defeat
Nepal 0-16 South Korea Nepal (2003)
Jordan 0-6 China (1984)

National Stadium
Dasharath Rangashala Stadium 15,000
Amman International Stadium 25,000

Kit Provider
Nepal: Adidas
Jordan: Adidas

Home : Nepal - Red
            Jordan - White

Away : Nepal - Blue
            Jordan - Red

                                     Source :

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Social Networking Site by NTC (

NTC (Nepal Telecommunication) from Nepal is setting up to launch new social networking site in the internet. Along with the clashes between Social King Facebook and Search King Google, NTC is planning to lure the user from Nepal and other places too with attractive features that are available in Google+ and Facebook.

Nepal Telecom
An announcement was done to launch the site names 'CHAUTARI' which is currently under construction. But according to Saroj Kumar Shakya, Deputy Manager (NTC) at IT directorate Chautari will be availablle soon to all the internet users after the completion of internal testing. The server of this will be in Nepal and all the content including its services are prepared here. During the trial period it will serve 1 million users and will extend as per the need of users. The facilities of Group Chat, Photo sharing, Status updating, etc are avialbel in CHAUTARI too. NTC mobile subscribers will be able to send free SMS through this site to any other NTC subscribers through this site. But the limitation of 10 messages per day is done to all the users. 

With this declaration, favorite quote 'NTC to compete with Facebook and Google' is frequently seen published by various websites. The public opinion regarding the inauguration of CHAUTARI holds high ambitions and target in the future. But in front of Giant Google and Social King Facebook, Nepal Telecom's CHAUTARI, in my point of view will bring no vibration. It is because, NTC has to invest huge in online advertisement, which will be more economic for it. But incase of optimum facilities, luring structure there is no doubt for CHAUTARI to overcome the trend of FACEBOOK and GOOGLE+. 

Tourism through Home Matches

Dasarath Stadium
The mega national event, i.e. Nepal Tourism Year-2011 is now at the seventh month of the year. Admirable progress have been achieved from many corners of the country and many other corners are left behind due to the lack of sufficient advertisement and concentration of government towards the campaign. It is resulted due to the pressure to government to focus more in Constitution rather than in Nepal Tourism Year - 2011. The only Government body, Nepal Tourism Board is working officially for Nepal Tourism Year - 2011. Beside it, other many national, local and international groups, colonies and institutions are advocating Nepal Tourism Year via different medias. 

On this auspicious occasion, sports plays vital role to invite many sports lovers from abroad. Nowadays, Nepal is busy of various international cricket and football matches for which lots of international citizens are eager to visit and watch their matches. If ANFA (All Nepal Football Association) and CAN (Cricket Association of Nepal) succeeded to play the upcoming international events in home country then, the opponents supporters would once come and visit Nepal. This alternatively aids Nepal Tourism Year for ultimate success. 

Nepali Cricketer
Newly emerging South Asian Nation i.e Nepal in Football and Cricket must be helped from its own nation. Lots of Nepali people are eager to support their players from their own stadium because we are unable to go abroad to watch our sports clashes with other country. ANFA and CAN should decide properly, thinking that the hope provided by supporters also plays crucial role in defeating the opponents. 

Anyway, Tourism can be broadcasted via Home Matches with abroad countries. 

For the promotion of Nepal Tourism Year - 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Facebook, the basic things of life

The tremendous increment of Facebook users in the world, has symbolized something interesting and possible in the very near future. The possibility is nothing other than Facebook to be added as the basic things of life. 

The statistics shows almost all the school children are the part of Facebook in this digital world. Furthermore, a person for recreation, black mailing, fun, networking, etc wants to add more Facebook account. This has resulted the multiple Facebook account of a single user. In the past, E-mail was thought to be the best mean of communication in Internet, but nowadays, millions of users are found online in every second even after midnight, before morning in the social networking site, Facebook. Almost all the domains have added Facebook share and like buttons in their every posts. Even the news-reader, students, social worker, etc are obtaining breaking news faster in Facebook than any other media. 
The complexity of Twitter has given plus point for Facebook to earn more users for its easiness and privacy.  The data also shows the world population to be covered in social networking sites in very near future. This type of situation will add both plus and minus point in the world. Both miserable and admirable situation can be brought by the cause. 

Anyway, the using and increasing trend of Facebook account will undoubtly led Facebook as the Basic Things of most of the people in coming years. 

Digital Protest in Nepal

Using the most popular social networking sites Facebook, thousands of youths are motivated against anti social and anti-spiritual task in the country. For every new social performance, the provision of event and attendance over there has been a good option in Facebook to unite all the interested youth in the campaign. Such type of campaign are mostly held in Capital City (Kathmandu) and also in other areas like Butwal, Pokhara, etc. Anyway the optimum utilization of such option in Facebook will surely meet the ultimate aim of youth in the near future. 

Youths are now converting digital participation, motivation, program, protest, etc in real life. Instances can be seen clearly in Facebook as well as heard in News daily. One of the best movement in Facebook is ज्याला पुरा लियौ अब संबिधान देऊ . Apart from this, may clubs, organizations, schools, colleges, etc has made Facebook the best platform to organize event and notify all the related people. Thus, if there is proper utilization, then we can achieve the ultimate goal, from any ways that are available though they are hated by few groups.

Let's see a digitally demanded wants comes true in reality. This task in internationally renowned social networking sites is most appreciable and must be encouraged from all the sides. Let's all Nepali Get United.........................via..........Digitally.

Let's utilize the biggest platform of the world i.e. Facebook for revolution.

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