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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Vegetarian Article :: Go Vegetarian

An article, inclined towards vegetarians but also is crucial for those who are non-veg.

We are the human, more intellect than any others, with mind and improved technologies. We know a lot but do less. We are cautious about many destruction but are performing many such activities which invites destruction. We are clever and create lots of arguments, thoughts to prove ourselves. We don't want to realize our mistake though we have done. We go on proving the mistake as correct things. If a pen went slip then the writer doesn't regard a mistake but explain differently. I am telling all these background not related to Veg and Non-Veg surfacely, but these are those things which are closely related with Veg and Non-Veg natures of Human.

Who don't know, a cut pains ? I don't think there is human who don't know about the life, its' tenure and importance in nature. Every person know that an ant is equally important in nature. But an ant becomes negligible for such person who don't care others' life. Those person only survive for their life but not for others. No Non-veg practically respect the life of all those respires. Such theoretical mind are directed against Vegetarian. No body feels the pain of others who are non-related to them. A person feels the pain of his/her relatives but not of those who are not related to the blood/generation. 

Go Vegetarian
An ant, a dog, a cow, a buffalo, a hen and every creatures have its family. Have their blood, relations, life and aims for surviving. They are continuously struggling for their existence in the nature. They fought against different natural calamities for their survival but so called Intellect Non-Veg man kills all the remaining destination of such innocent life. Interesting things is that, a Meat eater brings meat from shop and have a meal with fun and says that I haven't kill this, I have paid money and purchased. CAN LIFE BE BROUGHT WITH MONEY? No, man. Though we are called Intellectual, many person among us are mis-utilizing their knowledges, aren't living for their life but for others' death. It is not natural . It is a sin. A dark patch in Human Civilization. 

Respect the Life of All that Respires !!!!!!!


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